Why Luna Lovegood would make a great student of Buddhism

Although Luna is not one of the main characters of the Harry potter series, it is one of my favorites. What I love about Luna is her kindness, her loyalty to her friends and her happy personality. In fact, Luna has many of the same beliefs and personality traits as someone who believes in and / or studies Buddhism, like me. For example, Buddhism is a belief system based on compassion, patience, and understanding. Luna is one of the most compassionate characters in the Harry potter books since she always chooses to help others.

1. Luna believes in impermanence.

One of Luna’s most iconic quotes is when she talks about lost things returning to their owners. Another word for it is impermanence, which happens to be at the heart of Buddhism. Impermanence, called anitya in Sanskrit (a language used in some original Buddhist texts), is a Buddhist doctrine related to suffering. Generally, Buddhists believe that recognizing impermanence allows us to avoid suffering. Impermanence is based on the ever-changing world and nothing in life ever stays the same. So in theory, by recognizing the passage of time, a person will not have any illusions about how life works. Luna certainly seems to be a grounded and optimistic person, and maybe that’s because she uses this belief to let go of suffering.

2. Luna has strong emotional intelligence.

I think the reason Buddhism feels so natural to me is that I have never had a hard time coming into contact with my emotions, especially through meditation. While I am not sure if Luna is meditating, it is clear from her character that she has an amazing emotional maturity. Unlike her younger peers, Luna views everything with a cool head. She seems almost incredibly aware of everything around her. It is the purpose of Buddhists to be aware of their surroundings and their emotions, and I think it is safe to say that Luna has covered that.

3. Luna prefers to practice nonviolent magic.

Buddhism is one of the most peaceful belief systems. There are a few exceptions to this in extreme situations, but overall the first five precepts are all meant to do no harm. This matches Luna, who avoids harsh spells whenever she can. Even when Luna and her friends were being chased by Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Luna only used defensive spells to fight back. Luna admits to never having used the stun spell except in this situation. Instead, Luna prefers to practice her Patronus charm and spend time with the peaceful Thestrals.

4. Luna alluded to the existence of karma.

While Luna never specifically calls it karma, one of her most famous quotes alludes to it. Luna tells Harry that she believes what’s going on is happening, which is a more modern way of describing the Buddhist belief in karma. In Buddhism, karma is either negative or positive consequences caused by your actions in life. However, karma does not happen instantly. Sometimes the reward for a person’s kindness in life is that they are reborn into a life of abundance after death. Karma can also affect a person years after an event has occurred. I mention it because when Luna talks to Harry, she comforts him about Sirius’ death. Luna then talks about her mother, also deceased.

5. Luna loves her friends and family, but she is also quite independent.

In order to achieve enlightenment in Buddhism, there is an important belief of non-attachment. It’s basically about being able to separate yourself from a healthy amount of people and things. Buddhists believe that the less attached a person is, the less he will suffer. Non-attachment is about not breaking out small things and not relying on being a materialistic person. Although this belief may seem difficult to understand, some people are more capable of it than others. For example, Luna is introverted and has only a few close friends in her life. Although Luna is very loyal to these friends, she also doesn’t mind spending time alone. Rather than being completely dependent on friends or a romantic partner, Luna prefers to spend time in solitude.

6. Luna has a spiritual connection with the veil at the Ministry of Magic.

The most obvious scene of the Harry potter series that alludes to Luna’s strong spiritual bonds is when she and Harry hear people’s voices beyond the veil. The mystery veil from the Ministry of Magic’s mystery department has an unclear purpose, but fans have speculated that the veil has great power, especially with death. When Sirius dies, he seems to slip into the veil, and Luna swears she has heard people tell him about the afterlife. If that doesn’t show how spiritually aware Luna is, I don’t know what does!

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