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Who is Bodhi Ransom Green? Net worth biography, facts [2022]

Bodhi Ransom Green is one of the most famous and cutest celebrity kids whose parents wanted him to hide from the media, but they can’t keep their sugar pie a secret for long. Right after the paparazzi spotted Bodhi Ransom, he became an internet sensation in no time.

Everyone from social media to the Hollywood industry adored this cute kid. Bodhi Ransom Green is the second son of famous actress Meghan Fox and his father is Brian Austin Green. It shows that stardom is already in this kid’s blood. However, the bodhi looks a lot like her mother and looks like a mini version of her.

Biography of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Full name bodhi green ransom
Age 8 years
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Date of Birth 12e February 2014
Occupation celebrity child
started his career in Not now
Famous for Son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin
Parents Megan Fox (mother) and

Brian Austin Green (father)

Brothers and sisters Noah Shannon Green, Journey River Green, Kassius Lijah Marcil Green
Marital status Only
Place of birth Los Angeles
Nationality American
Eye colour Brown
aunts Kirsti Branim Fox, Lorelei Green
Hair color Brown
Hobby Play games
Friends Not known
Favorite game

Not known
Complexion White

Early childhood and birth

As we mentioned above, Bodhi Ransom is only famous because of his cute appearance and for being the son of a famous actress Megan Fox. The relationship between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green began in 2004 right after they met on the set of Hope & Faith. Austin had a son with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil when he met Megan Fox. However, they both fell in love and got engaged in 2006, but sadly in November 2006, their relationship ended and the two announced it officially.

After some time apart, they got back together and got engaged on June 1, 2010 and soon married on June 24, 2010. They welcomed their first child on September 27, 2012 named Noah Shannon Green. Bodhi Ransom Green is the second child of this celebrity couple born on February 12, 2014 in Los Angeles at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Despite all the criticism they faced from the media and celebrities, the couple managed to hide Bodhi from the spotlight as much as possible. In May 2014, Megan Fox first introduced her bodhi son to the media and the world on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

In August 2015, news swept the industry that Megan had filed for divorce but wanted joint custody of the sons. Later, the couple settled the issues and welcomed another son in 2016. Due to the cutest appearance and resemblance to Megan Fox, Bodhi Ransom has faced a lot of trouble as the media and paparazzi follow him always, no matter where he goes.

Private life

Bodhi Ransom Green is the second son of famous actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green. He has an older brother named Noah Shannon Green who was born in 2012. Bodhi also has a younger brother Journey River who was born on August 4, 2016. However, these children also have a half-brother named Kassius who is the son of Brian Austin of his first wife Vanessa Marcil.

Bodhi Ransom’s grandparents are Gloria Darlene Fox, Franklin Thomas Fox, George Green and Joyce Green. Bodhi loves to travel a lot and enjoy it to the fullest. He is mostly seen on Instagram with Megan Fox with her siblings or alone too.

However, Bodhi’s other details including education, hobbies, friends and all personal details are kept secret by his family as they don’t want anyone to invade their children’s privacy.

Professional life

Not started yet.

Great Achievements




social media

Bodhi Ransom Green is not on social media but you can see him on his mom or dad’s Instagram posts and stories.

Bodhi Ransom Green Net Worth 2022:


Bodhi Ransom Green’s Parents:

Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of Hollywood actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green.

Bodhi’s mother, Megan Fox, is an American actress and model. She rose to prominence after starring in the first two Transformers movies, which were huge box office hits. Megan has also appeared in other films such as Jennifer’s Body, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jonah Hex.

Bodhi’s father, Brian Austin Green, is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his role as David Silver on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210. Brian has also appeared in other films and television shows such as Smallville, Anger Management, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Wedding Band.

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Is Megan Fox still with Austin?

After settling various conflicts during their 14 years of marriage, they finally decided to go their separate ways. Their divorce was finalized in October 2021. However, currently, she announced her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly.

Does Megan Fox visit her children?

Megan and Austin both wanted joint custody of their children, so when it comes to children, they both do their best to protect them. Austin and Megan take care of their children and let them be whoever they want to be. However, Megan and Austin still keep all details related to their children very private.

Why did Megan Fox name her second son Bodhi?

Since Megan Fox is a Buddhist by religion, that’s why she named Bodhi Ransom. Bodhi means “awake” or “enlightenment” in Buddhism.