Buddhism facts

We’ve illustrated 9 weird and wonderful facts from around the world to help you sleep better

It may or may not surprise you, but many of the things we do today without a second thought are deeply rooted in folklore – what you might consider “old wives’ tales”.

These superstitions often play on the deeply religious and spiritual beliefs of the time and country from which they originate. It seems that the bedroom, sleep and the night in general are no exception either…

As a child, with the bedroom blinds closed and the room shrouded in darkness, you often found that the rabid fear of monsters crawling under the bed quickly set in. Or are you one of those people who suggest that someone should “sleep quietly” before going to bed? And of course, don’t forget those days when you’re in a bad mood, so you just write it off as if you got up on the wrong side of the bed.

But where do these bedroom superstitions come from? And why do we still keep them today?

UK retailer, Unbeatable Blinds, decided to take a look at different bedroom superstitions around the world, and it was quite eye-opening (pun intended) to see what other cultures follow. To share what they found, they illustrated what they think are 9 of the most fascinating, check them out below. How many have you heard of? Do you follow any of them?

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