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Two Facts Evangelical Christians Need to Consider in Potential Sexual Orientation Laws – Baptist News Global

Letter to the Editor

April 29, 2022

Dear Editor:

As state legislatures across the country consider — and pass — new laws targeting members of the LGBTQ community, there are two inconvenient truths evangelical Christians should consider:

First, the preponderance of evidence regarding sexual relations orientation is that it’s a matter of birth and biology, not a matter of choice. Nobody decided being heterosexual or homosexual, straight, gay or lesbian. We are born with chemical and hormonal determinants of our sexual identity.

Second, a very significant majority of people with gay, lesbian or bisexual orientations are not sexually active.

If Christians consider it abusive for parents to support the sexual orientation of their own children, especially out of fear of inappropriate or irresponsible sexual behavior, then the same standard should apply to parents of young heterosexuals. The incidence of illicit sexual behavior among young heterosexuals (92% of the population) is rampant – certainly relative to any sexual activity among the small homosexual population.

And if so-called “conversion therapy” is in fact a sensible way to control and reverse inappropriate sexual choices and behaviors, it should also be used more effectively with young heterosexuals – in order to control and reverse their irresponsible sexual behavior. I wonder: can a sexually active single heterosexual become a eunuch with conversion therapy?

Seriously, are we perhaps focusing on the smaller group that we’ve labeled inappropriately sexually active without full investigation, because it’s easier to see the speck in someone else’s eye than the beam in ours?

I have been a pastor and pastoral counselor “across the street” from two universities for over 27 years and a seminary teacher for over 26 years. I have sat across from many young people struggling with their sexual and personal identity. They all needed attention, clarity and understanding—no misunderstanding.

Daniel G. BagbyRichmond, Virginia.