Tina Turner Says Buddhism ‘Literally Saved My Life’ After Suicide Attempt – Billboard

Tina Turner highlights her path to peace in her new book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life For Goodin which she details how her Buddhist practices have helped her out of the darkest times of her life.

“I truly believe that age is just a number, and I’ve never let age get in my way,” Turner wrote in an excerpt shared by People. “Not at 42, when people said I was too old to be a rock star. And not now, in my eighties, when the book I’ve dreamed of writing for decades is finally in your hands. I have past 80, but I haven’t “arrived”, because I still challenge myself to grow, to step out of my comfort zone, to improve my life and to be of service to others.

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She detailed her struggles with depression and a ‘litany of problems’ in an interview with USA today on Friday, December 4, adding that she “became so desperate that I attempted to kill myself by overdosing on sleeping pills.”

Fortunately, she was taken to the hospital, where she recovered. “Soon after, a number of people suggested I try reciting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and study Buddhist principles,” she continued. “The more I learned about it, the more useful I found philosophy, and it made perfect sense to me. Buddhism literally saved my life, and I’ve been singing happily every day for about 50 years now.

As for what she wants fans to take away from the book, the icon told this publication that her “wish is to inspire readers and give them tools to increase the joy in their lives.”

“I believe we all have the potential for indestructible happiness, and we already have everything we need within us to be joyful,” she continued. “We just have to tap into it. For me, a truly happy life means feeling optimistic and confident no matter what circumstances we face because we know our inner wisdom can guide us to make positive choices. We always have a choice, even if it seems as small as choosing to have a more positive thought or to be grateful for a precious moment we have had. In this book, I share the ways I’ve created joy even during the most difficult times of my life, including financial ruin and health issues, and how everyone who reads Happiness becomes you can do the same.

Happiness becomes you comes out Tuesday (December 8).