Tina Turner finds form of Lord’s Prayer in Buddhism – within her religious views

Singer-songwriter Tina Turner, also known as the Queen of Rock & Roll, has been very open about her religious beliefs and what led her to become a Buddhist.

Tina Turner’s life has been full of ups and downs. The 60s and 70s were probably the most difficult decades of her life, as that was when she married the late singer Ike Turner.

Their relationship is famous for several reasons, including the physical, mental, and emotional damage she suffered alongside him.

Tina Turner in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil about 1988 | Photo: Getty Images


After years of living in fear and suffering various injuries, Tina left Ike. She eventually divorced and was able to take her children with her.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Tina urged people who were also stuck in an abusive relationship to “leave” because nothing could be worse than staying with their offending partner.

While it can be harsh, Tina also admitted that victims would have to take care of themselves and their children first, ensuring that the children get the hang of it eventually.


It was also during those terrible years alongside Ike Turner that Tina discovered Buddhism, she told Oprah in the same interview.

According to Tina, the same women who sold Ike drugs would ask her why she had stayed with him and how she could live with “this madness.” Someone finally told him that Buddhism would save his life.

Considering Tina Turner’s situation, she was “ready to try anything”. She began by singing a traditional practice of preparing her mind for meditation.

The singer confessed that one day she sang and immediately went to the studio, where she put on a “just like that” voice. This made Ike so excited that he gave her a lot of money and sent her out shopping. Regarding this, Tina said:

“I was addicted. I still believe in the Lord’s Prayer. I find a form of the Lord’s Prayer in Buddhism. Every religion has rules for living a good life.”


Tina Turner’s faith is one of the main topics explored in her upcoming book titled “Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life For Good”.

According to the singer, hope, happiness and faith are the central themes in her life, and she wrote all of this in her book. She also confessed that the wisdom of Buddhism “saved her life.”

[Tina] focused on Buddhism because she needed refreshment and “new words”.

In her next project, co-written with author Craig Taro Gold and singer Regula Curti, Tina will share some of the principles that bring joy and fulfillment in her life so that her readers can also “fulfill” their dreams.

She also revealed that she would relate her experiences to the “wisdom” that helped her transform her life and achieve the impossible. “Happiness becomes you” is scheduled for release in December 2020.


It is important to point out that Tina was raised as a Baptist but considers herself a Buddhist-Baptist adhering to Soka Gakkai, one of the Nichiren Buddhist sub-schools.

Soka Gakkai also teaches that chanting the Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō mantra enables people to discover their “Buddha-nature” and embrace the entire Lotus Sutra, one of the most popular Mahayana sutras.

She also credited the Buddhist mantra, which can be translated as “Glory to the Dharma of the Lotus Sutra”, with helping her endure the hardships in her life.

Speaking to Lion’s Roar, the singer admitted that switching from Baptist to Buddhist didn’t really matter as she learned that the two are “the same”, only that they use different words.

Tina pointed out that she had probably stopped saying the Lord’s Prayer and focused on Buddhism because she needed refreshment and “new words” to take the “next step”.

Today, Tina Turner is 80 years old and enjoying her well-deserved retirement with her husband Erwin Bach, whom she married in July 2013.