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The Last Airbender – 10 Facts Only Diehard Fans Know About Aang

As the main protagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang’s character development was carefully constructed by creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. There was no lack of specificity or depth, and in fact, there are plenty of subtle details that might have escaped less eagle-eyed viewers.

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Of the many behind-the-scenes facts, a few certainly stand out, and those are the ones hardcore fans probably know best.

his arrow

Aang crouched in combat in Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the series, tattoos are explained to signify status and expertise, as only an airbender was allowed to be marked with the blue arrow. It is clear that they were inspired by the sky bison, but why the nomads decided to imitate these animals is rather a lesser known fact.


According to the creators, the arrow was originally designed as a way for Air Nomads to show bison that they could be trusted. It was a way of signifying their place in the herd, as well as creating more of a bond between the masters and the powerful. Avatar hybrids with the split arrow.

Shiny eyes

FLCL's atomsk glowing eyes

The Avatar’s glowing eyes are one of the series’ most epic and iconic looks. They signified Aang’s transition into the Avatar State and helped visually demonstrate the vast amount of power he wielded in the Magic Realm. However, the creators did not think of this amazing design choice on their own.

They were inspired by anime FLCL, and more specifically, by a character named Atomsk whose eyes lit up in a very similar way. It was a way for them to pay homage to one of their favorite animated series, and it’s a great example of how a small detail in one creation can hugely influence another.


Aang creating a tornado

Numerous Avatar viewers don’t realize what an accomplished airbender Aang really is. He becomes a full-fledged Avatar by the end of the series, but much of his journey highlights his inexperience with the other elements and his various struggles to learn them all.

As an airbender, however, Aang is extremely skilled, even though air is on the less powerful side of all of the flexible elements in Avatar. He received his master tattoos when he was under 12, and as evidenced in flashbacks like “The Storm”, he was the only one among Air Nomad students to receive the signature arrows. He was a real prodigy for his age, and it’s an interesting treat for his character.

Pneumatic scooter

This is probably one of the best-known facts about Aang, but it’s still worth mentioning because it’s a big part of his character. Not only did he come up with the idea for the air scooter, but this invention is actually what allowed him to receive his airbender tattoos.

Normally, it takes Air Nomad students much longer to reach master status, but Aang’s prodigal skills combined with his idea of ​​an air scooter allowed him to skip a few years.

Consequences of icebergs

Iceberg from Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender never went into detail about the aftermath of the iceberg, but the spin-off series The Legend of Korra revealed unforeseen ramifications on the physical aspects of Aang being trapped for 100 years. Because his body was frozen for so long, his actual lifespan was greatly shortened.

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He only survived to be 66, which is young even for the world of Avatar. His vitality was severely depleted into the iceberg, and while that’s a sadder fact about Aang, it allowed the characters to The Legend of Korra to overlap some of the original cast. Which, of course, was one of the best parts of the new series.

Momo pet

Momo in avatar jail

Many fans don’t know that Momo was actually supposed to be trapped in the iceberg with Aang. Originally, these would be the three that Katara and Sokka would reunite with on that fateful day, but the creators quickly realized that was a bit too convenient for all of them to somehow survive.

Luckily, they found a quick fix by having Aang find Momo at the Southern Air Temple. Not only has this idea contributed to an icon Avatar episode, but it also worked well with the arc of the series, as his discovery of the flying lemur was meant to be a representation of hope.

Aang’s name

Aang smiling in avatar

Names in Avatar: The Last Airbender have all been carefully thought out and unique to the series. The creators put a lot of effort into the little details, and they made no exceptions when it came to Aang. The English version of his name may seem simple at first glance, but in Mandarin the characters that spell “Aang” have a distinct meaning.

Aang’s spelling, 安昂, was revealed in “Tales of Ba Sing Se”, one of the most viewable episodes of Avatar, and it means “peaceful flight” in Mandarin. It’s very fitting for the young Air Nomad, and it’s a very interesting and subtle fact behind the scenes of his name.

His grandchildren

Airbender Kids from the legend of Korra

Although Aang’s early demise allowed for the crossbreeding of The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender characters, his death, of course, was still sad and premature. And many fans don’t realize it, but he never even got to meet his grandchildren until he passed away at 66.

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Jinora, Tenzin’s oldest child, was 10 when season 1 first aired, and Korra was 17. The new Avatar was born at the time of Aang’s death, so logically there could never have been an overlap between him and his grandchildren. It hurts to think about it, but at least Katara was able to be deeply involved.

“Wind Boy”

Aang creating a wind tunnel

When Aang was still a floating concept, the creators hadn’t come up with any concrete names for the young Avatar. They oscillated a lot between “wind boy” and “Buddha boy”, and given that these titles are quite faithful to his character, they clearly had an established vision even during the design process.

It’s interesting that “Aang” moved forward in development, but since each character had such a unique name, it probably took a long time to design them all.

four toys

Aang chooses toys in the avatar

Hailed as one of Aang’s best episodes, “The Storm” revealed a lot about his backstory in Season 1. It showed his culture, his friends, and most importantly, how he was cast. just like Avatar. The monks told him that they had known his fate for a long time because of the toys he had chosen when he was little.

This concept was not invented by the creators. In fact, it’s a long cultural tradition of selecting the new Dalai Lama. Like Aang, potential candidates are presented with a selection of items to choose from, and if they choose the former Dalai Lama’s possessions, they are found to be the reincarnated. It’s a fascinating custom, and it brought a lot of depth to Aang’s character and Avatar in its entirety.

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