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Textbooks should be about knowledge and facts: S. Japhet

Commenting on the textbook revision exercise, the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Bengaluru, S. Japhet, said that “the wisdom of the Kannada language acquired over many thousands of years is being washed away in no time in the name of textbook revision”. He also said that textbooks should be about knowledge and facts.

“The writings of scholars such as P. Lankesh and L. Basavaraju and others have been demolished, alleging that textbooks written by previous governments contained leftist tendencies. The committee, which is embroiled in the delusion that India is a “global guru” and tries to make society believe that “the past is great”, strives to present discrimination in Indian society as a phenomenon natural. The plan to explicitly alienate Dalits and other scholars such as Buddha, Basava, Gandhi, Narayana Guru, Ambedkar and Savitribai Phule by introducing children to the psychology of pseudo-patriotism is clearly behind the revision,” did he declare.

“The program and the lessons should be based on the age group of the students. Education experts believe that primary school children should be educated about life values ​​and subject information should be provided at secondary level. But the review board was trying to feed the children the emotional stupidity of the imaginary Hindu nation like milk mixed with poison. By portraying Basavanna as the reformer of Hinduism, the anti-Vedic truth is obscured,” he added.