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Tahira Kashyap shares breast cancer ‘myths’ and ‘facts’ video to mark World Cancer Day

B-Town’s most adored couple, Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap are an inspiration to every couple. They showed the world how love always gives strength to fight through difficult times. From Ayushmann’s tough days in the industry to Tahira’s battle with cancer, they’ve supported each other through thick and thin. The duo have known each other for over two decades now and are the proud parents of two children, Virajveer Khurrana and Varushka Khurrana.

For the uninitiated, Tahira Kashyap had fought an uphill battle with breast cancer, and it was the blessings and prayers of her fans, friends, and family that she emerged as a survivor. Since then, she has been actively talking about her journey and sharing her experience to raise awareness about breast cancer. On November 28, 2018, Tahira had taken her IG handle and shared the sad news that she had been detected with stage 1 breast cancer.

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Tahira Kashyap and her loving husband, Ayushmann Khurrana, have always been very positive towards life and inspired others to fight the deadliest disease, breast cancer. A few hours ago, to mark World Cancer Day, Tahira took to her Instagram account and shared a video to educate her fans about the “myths” and “realities” of breast cancer. At the end of the video, she asked her fans to “Never Give Up!” Along with the video, she wrote:

“The #worldcancerday MYTHS Vs REALITY #earlybreastcancerdetection #earlybreastcancerawareness #turningkarmaintomission #closethecaregap #stopthestigma #worldcancerday2022.”

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A few days ago, Tahira Kashyap hosted a podcast titled my ex breast on Audible. In the episode, Ayushmann Khurrana spoke about her experience during Tahira’s long battle with breast cancer. Ayushmann and Tahira recalled the first time they heard about his cancer and shared that the shocking experience threw their world into chaos. Speaking of the same, Ayushmann had said:

“We were together in Delhi when we learned of this from a doctor, we had no idea. There was a time when we were both very vulnerable sitting in a hospital. Again, you know people ask pictures of us sitting in. I was hiding behind a pillar, the security guy and I felt terrible.

Ayushmann also recalled how Nichiren Buddhism helped his wife, Tahira Kashyap, through one of the darkest times in her life. He further added that Tahira inspired him in this delicate phase and mentioned that she came out of it stronger. He had shared:

“It gave you the strength to fight head on. Now you are the victorious queen in front of me. I was happy that you were emotionally strong in a way that you are going to tackle this and fight this. We were together in that fight, but I was getting so inspired by you that you probably got stronger than me. You have a big presence. It doesn’t come from your hairstyle, it comes from your singing, from your practice, from the person you have become, your experiences in life and a bit of everything.”


After her long battle with cancer, Tahira Kashyap had gone through physical turmoil and felt extremely insecure about herself. However, she had turned to her loving husband, Ayushmann, for comfort. Reminiscing on those times, Ayushmann shared:

“When I first saw you it’s like a bald head walking with confidence. I was like wow this is so hot, seriously because your strength was everything, it was part of the personality. Your shoulders were always straight, you were never lacking in confidence. Some of me think you look better now. It’s like version 2.0 of Tahira.


We found Tahira’s video to be quite informative to better understand her cancer journey. And you? Let us know.

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