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Shah Rukh Khan Teaching Journalism to a Journalist Is the Sassyest Thing You’ll See on the Internet Today

When Shah Rukh Khan gave a young journalist advice on journalism (Photo credit: Instagram)

Shah Rukh Khan is the “king of romance,” but he’s also the king of witty and sassy responses. Time and time again, he’s proven himself to be the MVP in his media dealings and that’s why his interviews are all the more fun. Once he trained a journalist in journalism.

In 2012, SRK’s movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” and Ajay Devgn’s starring movie Son of Sardar were released on the same day. Around this time, Ajay filed a complaint against YRF with the Competition Commission of India claiming that they had used unfair means to promote their film. However, CCI dismissed Ajay’s claim at that time.

During a press conference, a reporter attempted to ask Shah Rukh Khan’s opinion on the legal battle between Yash Raj Films and Ajay Devgn Films. The reporter also asked Khan if there was any animosity with Ajay Devgn and quoted “they” made Ajay Devgn look like against SRK, to which he replied with a laugh: “Who are they? It’s you. You made it look like this.

King Khan then asked the reporter, “How long have you been in journalism? to which the reporter responded 3 years. He then continued, “So you know it is. Aap ne likha hai, aapko kuch cheese lag rahi hai against this, against that. Muje toh kisi k against kuch hai na kisi saath kuch hai. Aur jinke saath hai aap jaante hai, jinke saath nhi hai aap jaante hai. When you read all this me thodi subhe uthke paddke yeh decide karunga ki aap ne decide kiya hai ab me bhi yeh ladai ladunga. Muje kisike saath koi ladai nhi hai.

Shah Rukh Khan then said: “Meko saal 2 ya 3 mauke milte hai aise baatcheet karnek liye otherwise kahan mauka milta hai. I’ll be very honest, I’m not making fun of the profession, I think you have to be fast, furious and frivolous sometimes. It is very good. I appreciate it sometimes when it’s not something wrong with me (and laughs). I read it, but I don’t believe it and I don’t live my life by it.

SRK asked the reporter, “How can you get up in the morning and live your life by these stories. Aapko bhi toh malum hai, zindagi thodi badal rahi hai yeh sab likh kar. Ek mauka hai yeh aisa kar dete hai, yeh acha lagega, yeh story bohot badiya hai. Me aapki story se meri zindagi thodi na chalaunga. Aur moi aapko yeh batana chahunga, kyunki aap young hai, kabhi bhi mat sochna duniya badal doge tumhari kahani se. Duniya waise hi chalegi jaise chalti hai.

After Shah Rukh Khan finished speaking, people could be heard applauding his advice to the reporter in the video.

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