Patrick Duffy converted to Buddhism to sleep with his future wife married for 13 years

Patrick Duffy converted to Buddhism after meeting Carlyn Rosser. When they first met she was married to another man, but Buddhist lovers found a way to make their relationship work for decades.

Patrick Duffy played the superhero in the sci-fi classic “Man From Atlantis”. His career in the movie industry dates back to the 1970s. As a young man, the actor had a way to connect with his audience no matter what role he played.

From “Man From Atlantis,” he became Bobby Ewing in CBS’s “Dallas”. The then 36-year-old played alongside other notable stars including Linda Gray, Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton, Larry Hagman and Victoria Principal. He left the series seven years later.


Duffy’s time on “Man From Atlantis” was short-lived, but it gave him the opportunity to start a successful career. He confessed that the sci-fi producer was filming a second project alongside while he was on set and asked him to be a part of it.

Duffy didn’t need to audition for the role of Bobby Ewing, which earned him recognition in the film industry. He cites his passage on “Man From Atlantis” as being the turning point in his career.

The series holds a sacred place in her heart, and decades later, the on-screen star is still talking about the plot and theme of the TV content. According to him, it was another story that had a particular theme common to science fiction.

He added that the shoot was fun and compared the technology used then to what is used today. He explained that the show was a bit raw but provided an exciting experience for the characters.

In addition to talking happily about his career, another topic close to his heart is his marriage to Carlyn Rosser. He met Rosser before fame and fortune struck.

The actor admitted to seeing Rosser for the first time while on a bus tour. A school had asked her to play the narrator of performances by a dance company, and she was a ballet dancer.

Duffy found her beauty enchanting, as well as her dancing skills, even though she was ten years her senior. However, she had lived a happy marriage with her seemingly perfect husband for thirteen years before the arrival of the young stallion.

Eventually, she revealed this to her husband, and the two went their separate ways, leaving a void for Duffy to fill. He filled space for nearly five decades until death snatched his beloved wife from him in 2017.

While Rosser sacrificed her happy old marriage to build a new one with the TV star in 1974, her new husband also made sacrifices. He converted to his religion – Nichiren Buddhism, a conscious Japanese extension of individual empowerment.

From time to time, the actor continued to praise his wife for helping him to mature intellectually. Through their similar beliefs, he gained self-confidence, among other wonderful qualities that improved their lives.

However, he once revealed that the real reason he became a Buddhist was to get the green light to sleep with Rosser. Fortunately, it was a decision neither side regretted, as it became an integral part of their existence before the former ballet dancer passed away.

The couple were involved in the entertainment business but managed to keep a low profile and enjoyed their marriage. Duffy was in awe of his wife and never let fame enter his head.

Despite filming sex scenes, he was aware that he did not get emotionally attached to his on-screen characters. He confessed that the only time he felt Rosser was upset was when he played with Victoria Principal in “Dallas”.

Principal was the first of his character, Bobby Ewing’s wives, and they shared two on-screen children. On TV, the couple spent a beautiful night which then became intimate.

Duffy explained that during the scene Rosser got emotional, which surprised him somewhat. He asked why she reacted like that, and his wife replied that he was wearing a look similar to what they shared in their private moments during the scene.

The “Dallas” star admitted it was a heartbreaking experience because he had no intention of bringing pain to his wife through his works. Duffy mentioned that he was probably thinking of something insignificant as they filmed the scene.

Carolyn Rosser remains the beloved wife of Patrick Duffy. The couple shared more than forty years of happy life and were parents to two sons, Padraic and Conor. Rosser also knew how to play the piano in concert and led an artistic life, notably by practicing his religious beliefs to the letter.

Sadly, she died of cancer in 2017 at the age of 77. His passing was a big shock to his family and fans. Duffy said his wife was showing no signs of poor health and the family was struggling to adjust to the change.


Rosser’s death was devastating for the actor, and he didn’t bother to hide it. He had even dealt better with the death of his parents, when he was younger, when they were shot in their bar.

A few months after Rosser’s death, the grieving widower shared a tweet recounting how he felt upon realizing he would never see her again. He tweeted:

“On this day 6 months ago my heart stopped but I live as she wishes We will be together forever Thank you for the love and concern.”

In 2019, the actor told a media outlet that his wife was still with him. He added that he hears and sees her. According to Duffy, Rosser’s expectations of him have been a measure of how he lives his life.

After Rosser’s death, the boys were injured, but they advised their father to try to love another and move on. It wasn’t until last year that he decided to test the waters with a famous actress named Linda Purl.

Surprisingly, Duffy confessed that he was in a happy relationship. He revealed that it sometimes seemed surreal because he never envisioned having another woman who would make him feel good while he was alive.

For him, it’s a good move, which Rosser would approve of. After they were quarantined together in Vancouver, he took the time to learn about the nature, tastes and history of Purl.

Apart from their precious love life, the lovebirds, successful in their rights, are also planning future projects. Hopefully, together they will make their indelible marks in the film industry.