Orlando Bloom embraced Buddhism after running nonstop through life – inside his religious views

After running nonstop through a hectic life, English actor Orlando Bloom sought spirituality and finally embraced the peace of Buddhism. Here is a detailed look at his religious views and his life after the election.

Fame can undoubtedly be all-consuming, and it’s easy to get lost in the push and pull. This is why many stars are turning to faith and spirituality to help them navigate their lives in the limelight.

Orlando Bloom fell into this category as he embraced Buddhism in the hope of breaking out of the tangled ropes of stardom. It was a step in the right direction as her life improved.


Bloom, a follower of Soka Gakkai Buddhism, decided to join the religion after a revealing trip to South Africa in the early 2000s. In an interview, he revealed he was fed up with the way he had undermined his hectic life.

He explained that at the time of the trip he felt so isolated and vulnerable, and the trip gave him time to reflect. After the decision, Bloom made it known that he was taking a well-deserved break from the Hollywood scene.


It goes without saying that the actor has always been aware of the importance of faith and spirituality. He once revealed that he grew up in a religious environment as a Christian.

At the age of 12, he was confirmed into Canterbury Cathedral by the Archbishop, and the study of Christianity made him understand the essential nature of faith in his life.

The 44-year-old added that being initiated into Buddhist philosophy made it all look scientific and taught him the art of living. The star later revealed that Buddhism has been an anchor for him so far.

He said religion gave him an unwavering sense of self. Several Buddhists have undoubtedly been an inspiration to Bloom as he once posted an inspirational quote on the importance of making mothers happy on his Instagram feed.

The quote was from the famous Daisaku Ikeda, 93, former leader of the religious movement Soka Gakkai. In an interview on YouTube, the star revealed that meeting Ikeda had been a mind-blowing experience.

He saw him as a mentor and someone he always admired. He also admitted that he spent more of his time reading several of the scholar’s books.


The English actor, known for his captivating roles in “The Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, has also had a rather interesting love life.

He’s currently engaged to singer Katy Perry almost five years after their relationship began in 2016. The lovebirds took a hiatus in 2017, however.

They finally got back together after a year, and it seems their bond has only grown stronger. In 2019, the couple announced their engagement and the following year they revealed they were expecting their first child.

In August 2020, the duo announced the arrival of their beautiful daughter Daisy Dove with a sweet black and white photo of them holding the newborn baby’s hand. They also sprang up that they were floating with love and laughter when the bundle of joy arrived.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Los Angeles premiere of Amazon’s “Carnival Row” at the TCL Chinese Theater on August 21, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Bloom undoubtedly had a major influence in Perry’s life, as it was revealed that she was once on the verge of converting to Buddhism. The actor encouraged her to give it a try, and since it was such a positive practice, her openness pushed her to get deeply involved.

However, the singer later clarified that she was not in any religion. She added that she always felt like she had a deep connection with God. She also explained that she often prayed for humility and control with a heart full of gratitude.


Perry is not Bloom’s first love as he was previously married to Australian model Miranda Kerr. The couple married in 2010 and welcomed their baby boy Flynn in 2011.

Sadly, they broke up in 2013, much to the surprise of their fans. Kerr later revealed that their divorce was the right thing to do as they didn’t bring out the best in each other.

She added, however, that there had been no hostility and that they were still friends. Bloom later confirmed this when he revealed that they have a remarkable relationship as co-parents with Flynn.

Kerr also seems to share a similarity with Bloom; they are both passionate about the importance of spirituality. While promoting her new line of tea porcelain, she spoke about her religion and the role she played in her life.

The model explained that being a Christian, she prayed and meditated every day. She claimed that she was spiritual, not religious, and that praying was something her grandmother had taught her well.

Kerr then added that praying and having gratitude was of the utmost importance to her. With a highly publicized life in the spotlight, Kerr undoubtedly needs to stay in touch with his creator. The same can be said of Perry and Bloom.