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May 4: Town Called Swastika, Media Conspiracies, Just the Facts and Other Letters

just noisemakers

Just a bunch of noisemakers whose public demonstrations in Ottawa were looking for a real cause of protest. Maybe some well-meaning person will create a GoFundMe page to ferry these folks to Moscow, where they’ll find all the freedom-focused causes to choose from for more protests. Of course, we may not see any of them again for 10 years or more. But hey, you have to defend your freedom.

Edward J. Verhaeven, Grimsby


“FREEEEEEEEDOM” for being irresponsible to humanity…

Media conspiracies

My parents immigrated to Canada from the UK in 1975. I am also a visible minority.

We are all Canadian citizens. Proud and free and want it to continue. I was a staunch Liberal supporter for many years. I voted for Trudeau in his first election…that was until I woke up. Once you see hypocrisy, you can never not see it.

Your cartoon showing truckers as puppets of Putin, Trump and the Confederate flag is so exaggerated it’s hilarious. Do you have proof or is it one of the press conspiracy theories? So the press may have these theories, but those who question the government and press narrative are puppets? No wonder traditional media is dying.

Pedestrian Safety

Lorraine Sommerfeld’s recent column was excellent. There is one thing I would disagree with, however. I believe that pedestrians should take some responsibility when crossing a street at a green light, stop sign or crosswalk. I’m constantly surprised by pedestrians crossing streets without even bothering to look around, let alone try to make eye contact with drivers. It only takes one distracted driver to cause death or serious injury to a pedestrian. To pedestrians, I would say, never take anything for granted.

If elected…

A little girl asked her father, do all fairy tales start with “Once upon a time?” The father replied, “No, there’s a whole series of fairy tales that start with ‘If elected, I promise…’” Remember the elections are coming.

Private medical care

Hopefully readers have listened carefully to the dire situation created in our hospitals under Doug Ford. Nurses are now caring for seven patients instead of three, which is the norm for providing proper care. Nurses call in sick on the grounds that stress creates personal health issues, many are leaving since Ford decreed a 1% salary increase limit and are looking for other opportunities. Ford doesn’t really care about health care, no matter what he tells us, but if re-elected he would pass a bill to allow private hospitals to be built. It will be a joke, as are private nursing homes and nursing homes. Ford loves to use your tax dollars to pay for the staff of the private nursing homes and new private hospitals it will create if it wins. Conservatives love privatization because their friends with exorbitant wealth laugh while our taxes pay their staff, they reap the profits and pay their shareholders. If you think every Ontarian has the right to proper and respectful health care, think what privatization will do when you go to the polls.

David Intini, Stoney Creek

Just the facts…

I have long complained about The Spec’s liberal leanings and failure to present a balanced point of view. For proof of my point, you need look no further than the May 2 Spec where two great opinion pieces are printed pleading and practically coaching New Democrat and Liberal readers to vote strategically to oust the Progressive Conservatives. Shouldn’t The Spec focus on and comment on the policies, issues and election platforms of all competing parties instead of electioneering for the Liberals? Just print the facts and let readers and voters decide for themselves.

Cameron Stringer, Hamilton

City of Swastika

My thoughts are with Amie Archibald-Varley. The Confederate flag has been denounced as a symbol of hatred and is popular among white supremacists.

Similarly, a town near Kirkland Lake is called Swastika.

For many, especially Jews, this name represents the Nazi party and hatred. Some would say it is a religious symbol for religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. However, the Nazi symbol is banned in Germany for good reason

My problem is that the government is hypocritical and selective in what is allowed and what is not. If Mayor Eisenberger says to lower the flag, that’s fine, but we should also ban Swastika as a town name.

However, we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Perhaps an independent judiciary should decide.