Buddhism teaching

It doesn’t matter whether you like his teaching or not.

The Washington DC Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dominates part of the Capital Ring Road. (LDS Media Library)


A truly impressive project was done for the Primary children in my ward today by Joseph Vancott, with whom—and this may be my only shot at fame—I served for a time in our ward Sunday School presidency:

“LDS Daily shares photos of incredible replica tombstones for elementary school children”

Just before sacrament meeting, he told us he had built a replica of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, but when I looked into the Primary room, I was blown away. I expect the kids to remember this one for a while.


CBS News recently did a nearly five-minute segment on the soon-to-be rededicated temple just outside the US capitol. It aired nationally this morning:

“Inside the Latter Day Saint Temple in Washington DC”


Among other things, Richard Ostling was formerly senior religious editor for the Associated Press and managing editor for Weather. And, by the way, he and his late wife, Joan Ostling, co-wrote a book in 1999 titled Mormon America: Power and Promise. It was by far not the worst outward treatment of the subject I have come across. Anyway, I would need to check, but I don’t think I shared this:

“Did Jesus exist?


As this year’s Western celebration of Easter draws to a close, I hope you had a good one. I want to share some great quotes on the subject, however, before the clock strikes midnight:

It cost God nothing, as far as we know, to create beautiful things: but converting rebellious wills cost him the crucifixion. (CS Lewis, simple christianity, ch. ten)

To preach Christianity meant (for the Apostles) above all to preach the Resurrection. . . . The resurrection is the central theme of every Christian sermon recorded in Acts. The Resurrection, and its consequences, were the “gospel” or good news that Christians brought. (CS Lewis, miracles, ch. 16)

If the truth is that after death comes a spiritually negative life, an eternity of mystical experience, what more deceptive way of communicating this could be found than the appearance of a human form eating grilled fish? (CS Lewis, miracles, ch. 16)

“What are we to do with Christ? There is no question of what we can do with him, it is entirely a question of what he intends to do with us. You have to accept or reject the story. (CS Lewis, god in the dock, ch. 19)

If Jesus rose from the dead, then you must accept everything he said; if he has not risen from the dead, then why worry about what he said? The question on which everything depends is not whether or not you like his teaching, but whether or not he has risen from the dead. (Timothy Keller)