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Interesting facts about the Trump 757 plane?

Trump’s personal Boeing 757 was the jewel of his wealth, the former President of the United States used his private airliner for VIP tours, elegant photo ops, a dinner in the sky experience and his style of luxurious living. The former president has never shied away from showcasing his lavish lifestyle, Trump 757, as one of his easygoing billionaire’s most notable possessions is personalized with cream-colored leather seats, bathrooms sliding doors and the extraordinary superimposed seat buckle in 24-carat gold.

The Trump 757 was grounded for five years on an airport ramp in Orange County, New York, 60 miles north of Manhattan. One of the plane’s engines was missing parts and another was wrapped in plastic, the device was estimated to cost six figures, so Trump did not oversee the plane’s maintenance immediately at the time. era. However, the Trump 757 returned to its glory, the plane took off from storage in New York on Monday, November 1.st, 2021. The plane flew to Nashville for a brief stopover and continued its flight to Chennault International Airport in Louisiana. The aircraft will undergo maintenance work at the airport before returning to full service.

Here are some interesting facts about the Trump 757 plane that you probably didn’t know.

1. Trump 757 Rank 11e in the list of the most expensive planes in the world.

The former president of narrow body Boeing 757 is the 11e The world‘s most expensive aircraft, the Trump 757 costs around $ 100 million in Jet Finder’s list of the world’s most expensive aircraft in 2021. The lavish custom interior design of the aircraft that houses premium class services in the sky is definitely worth the value. Aviation company’s CEO Greg Raiff, on the cost of the Trump 757 plane, noted that the 25-year-old’s price tag was relatively low compared to the services and comfort it offered.

With the private bedrooms, movie theaters and, of course, the extravagant and refined dining room, the Trump 757 aircraft is packed with luxurious comforts and amenities that would make no one miss lavish ground service.



On the same Jet Finder list, Air Force One owned by Donald Trump topped the other planes on the list with an estimated cost of $ 660 million.

Trump 757
Trump Boeing 757, Photo by Getty Image

2. Glass cockpit

The Glass Cockpit is the next generation flight surveillance system that has revolutionized traditional technology in the aviation industry. The glass cockpit displays flight data on electronic flight displays (EFDs) rather than the multiple separate gauges for each instrument in the traditional cockpit. Of course, the former president and billionaire’s private plane is equipped with the most advanced tool and technology to add quality to the premium sky experience.

The Trump 757 is integrated with modern EFDs that combine data from multiple instruments and is the primary source of flight crew data. State-of-the-art technology also allows data to be presented on multiple pages, which can be easily switched between the two on the multifunction display (MFD). The jewel in the crown of the former president has been equipped with all the advanced technologies that will be a standard feature of all aircraft in the future.

3. One of the fastest planes in the world

The introduction of new innovations and new aircraft in the aviation industry easily overtook their predecessors, such as the Cessna X +, Aerion As2, Bombardier Global 6500, Dassault Falcon 900B and many others that currently dominate the segment. of the fastest private jets. However, the Trump 757 is still among the fastest planes in the world.

The aircraft powered by a pair of Rolls Royce RB211 Turbofan engines can fly 16 hours straight with a speed limit of 500 mph. Thanks to the powerful Rolls Royce engines, the aircraft can also take off easily over relatively short runways and performs well in high altitude areas with a typical cruising altitude of 38,000 to 40,000 feet.

4. Passenger cabin with 43 places

Normally, the Boeing 757 is configured with a capacity of up to 239 passengers; however, the personal personalization of the Trump 757 only has 43 seats. The aircraft has been transformed into a completely awe-inspiring in-flight lounge experience, maximizing luxurious amenities and comfort. The lucky guest on the plane can stretch and move in comfort while enjoying the perks of a live theater, a private bedroom, and a beautiful dining area.

The Trump 757 has all the features that reflect the lifestyle of a billionaire, including a silk master bedroom fitted with a big screen entertainment system, a master bath with accessories and 24-hour gold showers. carats.

Trump 757
Trump Boeing 757, Photo by Getty Image

5. Each element of the plane is 24 karat gold

Who doesn’t like to flaunt their luxurious health when you have billions of dollars at your disposal. Former President and billionaire Donald Trump clearly articulates his wealth and awe-inspiring lifestyle with his crowned possession. Literally, almost every device on the Trump 757 plane has been plated with 124 karat gold, from the seat buckles to the bathroom tabs and interior touches.

Additionally, each seat on the plane has a personal entertainment system that can be converted into a bed, and they’re integrated with the Trump family crest that personalizes the plane to a whole new level. So Trump and his guest travel in style in a sleek vessel with gold to spare in almost every corner.

6. Expensive flight cost in the expensive plane

As remarkable as the Trump 757’s amenities and level of comfort are, the cost of travel doesn’t come cheap for the premium lounge experience in the sky. The hour-long flight on the plane cost around $ 10,800, which concludes all premium services as well as fuel. This is certainly the level of spending that only billionaires like him can afford; By the expense rate of $ 10,800 an hour, a single 10-hour flight for the former president would cost about $ 108,000.

But, Trump doesn’t end up paying for all the lavish spending on his own, the former president could afford to spend up to $ 5,006,000 on his private jet trip in the second quarter due to his big auto-campaign. sponsored.

7. Trump 757 is much older than other personal Boeing aircraft in use today

Registered as the N757AF, the Trump 757 aircraft is much older than other Boeing 757 personal aircraft currently in use. The N757AF was built in 1991 and spent most of its early years in the service of commercial airlines; it was originally delivered to Sterling Airlines in Denmark, but has subsequently been operated by Mexican commercial airline TAESA since 1993.

Spending most of the 1990s in the service of commercial airlines, the aircraft was purchased by Donald Trump in 2011. Asked about the Trump 757 aircraft’s long service in the commercial segment, the former president said that he preferred older planes because they have been thoroughly tested and have been around for some time.