How To Live Well And Low Income

They say that money is not what makes you happy, but the way you spend it. Today we will offer you some ideas that still focus not on the romantic but on the more pragmatic part of happiness, namely finance.

How do we calculate our costs?

It is fundamentally important for every intelligent person to know how much they spend per month according to their lifestyle. This supports better-built and realistic plans for the future, and so teaches us how to spend more efficiently and be happier.

Make an experiment and record for each of your spending to find out how much you actually spend and see if you’re generating too much of your budget deficit. Knowing a problem is the key to solving it. In the case of low incomes, this rule is no exception.

How to be happy with lower incomes?

Low incomes in Bulgaria are also a major reason to be one of the most miserable countries in the world. As mentioned in the introduction, sometimes it is not important how much you spend, whether you are buying something you like or not.

The truth is that a person can be happy with an empty bank account, but this is never positive in a distant horizon of his life. The good luck plan invariably contains a recommendation for planning the financial part of life, and this is no accident, because this is the first step you have to make.

How much do we need to feel good?

The dog jumps according to the stick, says the folk proverb. According to the situation in which he is, one can be happy with a little, and unhappy with many.

The unit of measurement, when looking for an answer to the question above, should be a qualitative rather than a quantitative measure. Someone has a roof over his head and another is not getting a house in Monte Carlo, precisely because of this fact we come to the conclusion that different people have different needs and we can not give a universal solution to this task.

What do we need to limit?

When we want to guarantee our financial stability, we have 2 basic options – to increase our revenue or to reduce our costs and save. In the context of the second universal truth, emotional purchases are never a good idea. The problem with the absence of financial discipline is often rooted in them.

Turn off your emotions when you make purchases if you want to shop effectively because otherwise you will always be on the verge of the next budget crisis.

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