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How to Correct False Teachings – Denny Burk

I preached through 2 Corinthians in our church and recently delivered a message on 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 entitled “How to Correct False Teachings.” There is a printed excerpt below. To hear the rest of the message, you can download it here or press play to listen above.

Last week, the Biden administration released two documents making policy recommendations regarding the care of children who experience feelings of gender confusion. You might be able to guess what the recommendations are. They recommend putting underage children on puberty blockers to prevent their bodies from fully maturing and developing. They allow the infusion of opposite sex hormones in minor children. They even allow sex reassignment surgeries on underage children when medically recommended. And to make matters worse, it even allows for the possibility of children being taken away from their parents in cases where the parents refuse to endorse a child’s transgender identity and the barbaric medical treatments that come with it. It is an absolute scandal. And it’s not based on science, it’s based on LGBTQ+ propaganda. Bodies of children sacrificed for someone’s sick political ideology.

You say, “Okay, that sounds bad. But I thought that text was talking about false teachings within the church, not errors happening outside the church. Well, it’s true. Sort of. Mistakes outside the church often end up inside the church. In 2015, one of the first “evangelical” books about transgender came out… The author wrote the cover of Christianity today when the whole Bruce Jenner thing happened that year. This book has been reviewed by the Gospel Coalition as a “step forward in Christian engagement with gender issues”. And yet this book says that if you have a confused child, cross-dressing might be the best prescription for them. For adults struggling with transgender feelings, this book argues that sex reassignment surgery might be the best prescription for them.

These are false teachings that are sold within the evangelical movement and find their way to congregation after congregation.