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Haunted house, cars and gardening: Some interesting facts about the life of Dr BR Ambedkar


Some interesting facts about the life of Dr BR Ambedkar

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, born April 14, 1891, was an Indian jurist, economist and Dalit leader who headed the drafting committee of India’s constitution. Ambedkar served as Minister of Law and Justice in Jawaharlal Nehru’s first cabinet and inspired the Dalit Buddhist movement after he renounced Hinduism.

He acted as the chief architect of the Indian constitution and fought against caste division in society. He has always championed the upliftment of the lower classes and their equal rights, especially the members of the Dalit community. Well, his works and his contribution to Indian society to improve it is an endless storytelling but today on his birthday, let’s review some facts related to his lifestyle.


BR Ambedkar was a simple person in terms of choice of clothes and always chose comfort over fashion.

Ambedkar wore dhoti, kurta and pajamas in summer and in winter he wore woolen shirt, coat, sweater and muffler. Overcoat and shawls, hat and cap on special occasions.


Ambedkar always preferred simple foods like plain rice, with dal-arhar and masoor being his preferred choice.

Many do not know that he was an expert cook and prepared his own meals. Sometimes he bought chicken and fish.


Speaking of books, Ambedkar was a book lover and used to say that everyone should invest at least 10% of their income to buy books.

The artist

Ambedkar had a keen interest in painting and used to tell everyone to devote time to art and other things. Although he wanted to be an artist, he was able to paint a portrait of Lord Buddha.


The architect of the Indian constitution was also an “architect” of gardening and even maintained his garden at 22 Prithivi Raj Road, his official residence when he was Minister of Labour.

His garden was rated the best and most scenic by the Daily Mail.


Babasaheb was a pet lover, especially a dog lover. He used to have many dogs which he brought from various parts of the country and also had a pet deer.


Babasaheb Ambedkar’s library of books in Mumbai was specially designed according to his tastes and had an extensive collection of books. Its library between 1924 and 1934 has been called the largest in Mumbai.

Fountain pen and stationary

Ambedkar had a fascination with collecting fountain pens. His collection ranged from Parker, Sheaffer and Waterman to name a few.


Babasaed had two cars, one in Bombay and the other in Delhi.

The one in Bombay which he used to visit the courts and attend the legislative assembly while the one in Delhi which he used to attend parliamentary sessions.

The haunted house

In July 1942, Ambedkar was looking for a house in Delhi when he took up the post of Executive Adviser in New Delhi (Ministry of Labour). But no house was big enough to accommodate his vast collection of books.

In the end, he was able to find a place at the Prithivi Raj Marg in New Delhi. But the guardians of the house said it was haunted. Even the CPWD engineer also demotivated him, but Ambedkar went ahead and decided to choose him.

Babasaheb said he has seen all kinds of ghosts and spirits since he entered Indian politics, so let’s do a new experiment.

The house has been painted and decorated to his taste, especially the garden.