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#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

Today, May 31, is Yoon Mirae’s 41st birthday! Let’s look at some fun facts about the iconic rapper to celebrate her special day!

1. She debuted four times

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#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

Yoon Mirae debuted in the group Uptown in 1997 when she was 16 years old. She was chosen to join the group in 1996 after a representative from World Records heard her singing outside an audition room. Surprisingly, Yoon Mirae never planned to audition and just joined her friend.

In 1999, Yoon Mirae formed and debuted in hip-hop and R&B duo Tashanni with rapper Lee Soo A. She used the stage name Tasha with the team, an abbreviated version of her birth name Natasha.

Yoon Mirae debuted as a soloist in 2001 after Uptown disbanded in 2000. Since then, she has been actively promoting herself as a soloist.

Her fourth and final debut was in the hip-hop trio MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours) in 2013. The group consisted of Yoon Mirae, her husband Tiger JK and rapper Bizzy.

2. She campaigns against child abuse

#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

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#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

Yoon Mirae and her husband, Tiger JK, are huge child abuse advocates.

In 2011, the couple appeared in a Vogue Korea photoshoot with their son, Jordan Seo, for the “Stop Child Abuse & Love Children” campaign. That same year, they filmed a public service announcement for World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. They also performed at the 2011 Child Abuse Awareness Concert.

In 2012, Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK were commended by the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare for their efforts in promoting child abuse prevention.

3. She is mixed-race

#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

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#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

Yoon Mirae was born to a Korean mother and an African American mother in Fort Hood, Texas. His father was a radio DJ while serving in the US military in South Korea.

Her father’s musical influence and record collection are considered important influences in Yoon Mirae’s choice to pursue a career in music.

Although born in Texas, Yoon Mirae moved to South Korea as a child. Due to her mixed heritage, she was often discriminated against by her peers. Yoon Mirae dropped out of school at age 15 but then took a high school equivalency exam.

4. She was supposed to debut with Lee Hyori

#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

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#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

During an episode of “Happy Together 3” in 2018, it was revealed that she could have debuted in a hip-hop group with Lee Hyori.

While under the World Music Agency, there were plans to start a group called Uptown Girl. The group’s debut was canceled when Lee Hyori transferred to DSP Media shortly before the group’s debut. Lee Hyori finally debuted with Fin.KL

Yoo Mirae explained how surprised she was that Lee Hyori made his debut as the leader of Fin.KL. However, there is no bad blood between the two.

5. Her marriage to Tiger JK

#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

(Photo: 한국경제)
#HappyYoonMiraeDay: fun facts about iconic rapper Yoon Mirae!

It is common knowledge that Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK are married. However, what might surprise people is to learn that they secretly dated for seven years before getting married!

Tiger JK was introduced to Yoon Mirae by his father at a convenience store. His father saw someone he thought his son would be interested in and praised Tiger JK to the girl, who turned out to be Yoon Mirae.

They didn’t end up dating at the time. However, fate brought them together when they met in a recording studio.

They married in June 2007 in a private ceremony at a Buddhist temple. They had their son, Jordan Seo, in March 2008.

Happy Birthday Yoon Mirae!

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