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Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Blink182 And Their Top 5 Songs

Blink-182 are a punk rock band from California, formed on August 2, 1992 as a pop-punk band, and are considered one of the pioneers of the genre, as well as one of the bands that contributed to the massive success genre in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Cheshire Cat was the name of the band’s first official album, which was released shortly after their debut album was released in 1995. Blink182 was forced to include the number -182 because a techno band and the harness that they both used called themselves Blink, and the group feared legal action.

Blink182 have been called “the current punk version of the Beatles” as they have sold over 50 million albums worldwide and cheap Blink182 tickets and are considered one of the most influential punk-pop bands in the story.

The beginnings of Blink 182 in music

With a steady streak of hits, the group was able to capitalize on the popularity of MTV’s music programming in the late 1990s with the fun and nonsensical comedy videos that were popular at that time.

In San Diego, more precisely in the suburbs of California, the group Blink 182 was born, with guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor as main members.

As they are better known, Blink debuted with the song Fly Swatter in 1993. After joining the Grilled Cheese label, they released the album Buddha in 1994, followed by the album Cheshire.

A curious fact about Blink 182 is that they originally planned to call themselves Blink-183, but following an alleged threat from an Irish group to steal their name, they changed their minds and chose to be called Blink 182.

top 5 songs

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This melancholic song, which appears on the album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, is about going crazy after experiencing heartbreak.

Here is your letter

In the song, a man attempts to deliver a letter to a young woman to inform her that he needs more time to resolve his issues.


It’s the story of a young man who no longer has a girlfriend, no money, no job and who spends his time on the phone, waiting for her to contact him in return.

Adam’s Song

It was written by Mark and first released on the album Enema of state, it’s a very melancholy song that deals with issues like suicide. Mark was motivated to write the song after receiving a letter from a young man who had committed suicide.

Story of a lonely man

One of the most romantic songs on the album Take off your pants and your jacket. It’s about when you think you have nothing in the world and it’s empty, but there’s a girl who will always be there for you.

Facts you didn’t know

● When Raynor left for college, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was called in at the last minute by his band at the time, The Aquabats, to replace him. Barker was forced to memorize all of the band’s songs in a short period of time.

● DeLonge and Hoppus began performing in DeLonge’s garage, improvising songs they composed on the spot as they went. Then they started composing new songs with Raynor and rehearsing at Raynor’s, where they continued to work together.

● They rose to fame by participating in the Warped Tour in 1996 and 1997, alongside bands that were much more popular at the time, such as Pennywise and NOFX. They have also made appearances in several skateboarding videos.

● DeLonge was introduced to the trumpet at the age of 11 by his father. He wasn’t very good at it, so he took up the guitar right away.

● DeLonge is concerned about extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). It is certain that there is some sort of government conspiracy to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial life on the planet.

● Thanks to Hoppus’ sister Anne, who was seeing one of DeLonge’s closest friends at the time, the two met for the first time. When she learned that DeLonge wanted to form a band, she immediately connected the two.

● At the end of 1995, Blink-182 embarked on its first national tour, promoting the video for “GoodTimes”, directed by filmmaker Taylor Steele. Their first tour started in Australia, and they left in a van, which they only had for this occasion. In Australia, they were invited to perform thanks to the generosity of the band Pennywise, who paid for their tickets due to the young but motivated band’s lack of financial resources.

● They have been recognized by various organizations, including the Teen Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Yet they did not receive Grammys recognition.