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In January, new structured deposits and other investment proposals appeared, for example structured certificates.

 In January, new structured deposits and other investment proposals appeared, for example structured certificates.

BGŻ BNP Paribas proposes a three-year investment in “Kopalnia Zysku II”. The profit depends on the Stoxx Europe 600 Basic Resources Price EUR index. It covers shares of twenty European companies involved in the extraction and processing of industrial raw materials.

You can earn up to 3.9 percent. for six months, a maximum of 19.5 percent. throughout the period. But beware, you can also lose. The certificate is covered only by conditional capital protection at the end of the investment – if the decrease in the value of the index will not exceed 15%. Certificates are to be introduced to trading on the WSE, which will give the opportunity to exit the investment early.

You can invest in the “Profit Mine” until January 24, but you must have 10,000. zł. The handling fee depends on the number of purchased certificates. When buying from 10 (minimum number) to 499 certificates is 0.5 percent, then it decreases. It’s cheaper to save online – 0.1 percent. when buying up to 999 papers.

They believe in the potential of raw materials


For a two-year deposit, whose profit will depend on the Euro Stoxx Oil & Gas index (it includes ten European companies operating in the oil and natural gas industry), BZ WBK also decided. You can earn up to 17% if you invest a minimum of 3 thousand. zł.

The Bank Millennium also believes in the potential of raw materials , in fact crude oil. He proposes a two-year investment in Royal Dutch Shell, the second (after Exxon Mobil) largest oil company listed on the stock exchange. The investor has a 70% chance. share in the increase in the price of its shares. However, if shares lose their value, they will only get a return on invested capital, which with today’s inflation means a real loss.

You can invest from 1 thousand. zł. The advantage of the product is the lack of handling fee and a simple method of calculating profit, a disadvantage – high fees for early withdrawal from the investment; in the shortest period, until May 10, they reach up to 3 percent, then they drop every few months.

Actions more eagerly selected than currencies

 Actions more eagerly selected than currencies

Until now, most banks were betting on currencies. Now there are more and more proposals to invest in shares.

Idea Bank believes in new technologies and focuses on American companies: Apple Inc, Alphabet and Amazon. It is enough to put 1 thousand. PLN per year to have a chance to earn 4% The decision can be made by the end of the month. However, one should consider a high distribution fee – from 1.5 to 2.5 percent. In the same companies, you can deposit money for three months. The potential profit is 4 percent. on a yearly basis (i.e. around 1 per cent for a quarter).

Raiffeisen Polbank proposes to invest in dividend companies through the STOXX Global Select Dividend 100 index. It includes 45 North American companies, 30 from Europe and 30 from Asia and Australia – all with high dividend rates. The larger the dividend, the higher the weight in the portfolio (maximum 10%). You can invest from 1 thousand. PLN, but the savings must be frozen for 3.5 years. Potential earnings are 30 percent. It all depends on the increase of the index.

The investment in energy companies, including fuel companies, is also proposed by Alior Bank. He prepared two-year-long banking securities, the profit of which depends on the quotations of four companies: Repsol, Neste Oyj, BP, SK Innovation.

Funds included

 Funds included

Idea Bank prepared an investment product related to the Elite Funds Selection index, covering seven investment funds (mixed). The portfolio will be updated every two months so that the fund with the highest rate of return has the highest weight (30%); further order is also determined according to this principle. The investment is three years old. You must allocate at least 1 thousand. PLN (until January 31). Profit may reach 18.38 percent. (6.13 per cent annually), but the fee charged on the opening day of the deposit is very high – it ranges from 5 to 7 per cent. ©?


Promotions and changes in deposit offers


– BGŻOptima decided to launch a new edition of the Outplacement Deposit advertised under the slogan “Profitable move”. The offer includes three-month and six-month deposits. The three-month interest rate is 2.3 percent. annually, six-month – 2.4 percent. You can deposit up to 1 thousand for both deposits. up to 100,000 PLN, but it must be new savings. One customer can set up three deposits. Those who are interested must, however, hurry up. The offer will end on January 25 at the latest, as long as the limit of offered deposits (3,000) will not be exhausted sooner.

– A new edition of the four-monthly EKOlokaty for a Good Beginning has also begun at BOŚ. You can deposit new savings. Those who have an account and an active debit card in BOŚ can count on 2 percent. on a yearly basis. People who do not meet this condition will get less – 1.6 percent. You can deposit from 1 thousand. up to 200,000 zł. The offer is valid until further notice.

– Idea Bank appeared in Idea Bank this year. It can be put on for two or five months. The interest rate is 2.5 and 2.7 percent, respectively. You can pay from PLN 500 to PLN 1 million. The deposit, however, is available only to Idea Bank clients, because it can only be set up in Idea Cloud online banking and in mobile banking, and the deposit account transfer must exit from the savings account operated by Idea Bank, established in the name of the person using the offer.

– Changes also occurred at Raiffeisen Polbank. The Lokata Powszechna deposit for new customers has disappeared from the offer, and Lokata na Start has started with interest of 2%. on a yearly basis; the rate is 0.1 percentage point. lower than the interest on the Welcome Deposit. You can pay from 3 thousand. up to 500,000 zł.

– New promotions in mBank have also appeared. Up to February 12 you can deposit new savings – from 1 thousand. up to 500,000 PLN – for a three-month New Year’s Deposit with an interest rate of 2 percent. annually. The pool of promotional deposits is limited to 20,000.

– The promotional interest rate on savings paid after January 8 is also offered by Plus Bank. For a three-month deposit New Cash = Higher Profit can be paid from 5 thousand. up to 200,000 zł. You can set up any number of deposits. Their interest rate is 2.3 percent. on a yearly basis. Previously, payments were accepted up to 100,000. PLN and only for one place.

-Ewa Bednarz


Recommendations and cautions

 Recommendations and cautions

1 When deciding on a structured product, remember that it is always a type of bet without a certain win.

2 The potential profit depends on how the indicator will behave (eg share price, exchange rate, price of raw material, index). If it changes as predicted by the creators of the structured product, it is possible to achieve the expected profit. Importantly, the relevant changes must be captured at certain times when measurements are made.

3 Potential profit is always limited. Sometimes the investor’s share in the indicator’s growth is determined.

4 The advantage of structured products is that the possible loss of the investor is also limited. Sometimes the investor gets 100-percent. a guarantee of returning the capital paid (then the loss is a handling fee and the loss of capital value as a result of inflation), sometimes the guarantee is lower (eg 90-percent refund). In the latter case, the potential profit is usually larger.

5 Unfortunately, the structure of structured products is complicated. Going through a long description with a lot of financial deadlines is very difficult. It is best to ask, for example, an adviser at the bank to present the most important information, but you have to reckon with the fact that not everyone will be able to do it.

6 The basic principle is: if you do not understand the product, do not decide on it, even if someone praises it.