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Dedicated Ukrainian teacher, 79, resumes teaching online after nine-day trip to escape Russian invaders (VIDEO) | Life

After a nine-day trip, Kolodii got back on her feet and gave online classes to her political science undergraduate students. ― Image via Unsplash

PETALING JAYA, March 22 ― A dedicated teacher has resumed her online lessons two days after embarking on a nine-day trip from Ukraine to the UK to escape Russian invaders.

To express reported that Antonina Kolodii, 79, a professor at Ivan Franko National University, has been lecturing her undergraduate political science students in the UK since last Tuesday after an arduous journey.

A search on Academia indicates that Kolodii teaches political science and is also a researcher in the same field with a background in history.

Her solo trip included a grueling 10-hour trek through Poland as part of a humanitarian convoy as her son Yurii and her husband Ivan stayed behind to fight the Russians.

Daughter Marianne Kay, who now resides in Bradford, UK, had flown to the Polish town of Rzeszow to meet her mother halfway, as the duo believed they could return to the UK almost immediately.

Instead, they were dragged into a nine-day bureaucratic nightmare as security checks had to be carried out to ensure Kolodii was not considered a terrorist threat before obtaining a visa.

Kay posted a video on her Twitter saying her 79-year-old mother is not a threat and that the UK should invest in staff and technology while her mother was stuck going through security checks.

Kolodii and Kay were able to enter the UK and the professor expressed how grateful she was to teach political science to Ukrainian students from a safe place in the UK.

“Many students cannot join, but those who can attend my online classes are working very hard.

“My course ‘Modern Political Regimes’ is more relevant than ever in these difficult times

“In their essays, the students compare regimes in Ukraine and Russia, as well as in the West and China,” she said.