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David Harbor fell in love with Lily Allen after coming to terms with her ‘beliefs’

In August 2019, celebrity fans around the world were surprised by reports that British pop star Lily Allen was dating American actor David Harbor after they were spotted at the theater together.

The unlikely couple confirmed their relationship in October of the same year, when they made their first public appearance and her red carpet debut before leaving Official Instagram with a photo from a trip to Disneyland.

Both married the following September at a ceremony in Las Vegas presided over by an Elvis Presley impersonator, with burgers from the In-N-Out fast food chain serving as dinner after the wedding.

Lily shared photos of the nuptials and the restaurant on her Instagram account the day after the wedding, but has previously admitted that she and David wanted their wedding to remain a secret.

She explained on the Sex, lies and DM slides podcast: “We hadn’t planned to tell anyone, like it was supposed to be a private matter. We were leaving Las Vegas and driving to Los Angeles, and Nevada County Clark tweeted our certificate of marriage.

Lily’s two daughters from her previous marriage to Sam Cooper acted as bridesmaids at the ceremony, and David later revealed they were Ethel, 10, and Marnie, 9. . who encouraged him to ask the question.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel liveDavid said the girls seemed confused by his role in their lives as he recalled cycling through the countryside with them when Marnie repeatedly called him ‘Dad’ instead of ‘David’.

“The older one was very upset about that, which I understand, and said, ‘That’s not our dad, that’s not our dad,'” David said. “And the younger one was like, ‘Well, what is he? Is he our father? Is he our stepfather? and the older one said, ‘He’s just a guy in our lives.’ »

“I was like, ‘I have to marry this woman because the emotional fallout…'” David laughed. “It’s like my favorite thing I’ve ever been called.”

And David also confessed that his role as Jim Hopper in the Netflix series stranger things inadvertently groomed him to be a stepfather.

In the series, Hopper reluctantly becomes a father figure to Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, and David is able to draw striking parallels between his life and that of his character.

“I’m really kind of a New York City rat. I loved my freedom, my independence. And then it was really that part that changed that perspective a lot,” he said on the That scene with Dan Patrick podcast.

“The show kind of opened my heart in different ways, and one of the ways it did that was start to make me realize how thin my existence was without family,” he said. he continued. “I feel like there was something about Hopper that had a deep need for family, and there was something inside me that had it too, but that I wasn’t even aware of.”

“As I started to explore this role, the role allowed me to do that in my real life,” David concluded.

And Lily even has said that she is looking forward to having children with David in the future, sharing, “Especially now that Marnie is getting so big. It’s like, ‘No, my babies!’ …I miss the little terrors running around the house.

However, she added that she wouldn’t start trying for a few years, explaining, “I’m really good. I don’t know if I would mess with my hormones at this particular stage.

While Lily and David’s relationship has grown stronger over the years, there has been confusion over how they first crossed paths.

It was first reported that the two stars had met backstage at a talk show, but it was later confirmed that they had in fact arranged a date at the posh Mayfair restaurant, the Wolseley , after matching on Raya, an exclusive celebrity dating app.

David has now opened up about the early days of their relationship in a new interview with British GQ – including what made him realize Lily was The One.

“I was alone in London, doing Black Widow, on this app, going on dates and stuff,” David shared. “I started texting with her, she was in Italy at the time – we got together, we went on a date at the Wolseley and it was, you know, she’s really amazing.”

The actor went on to detail the exact moment he knew he was in love with Lily, on their third date.

“She claims to have fallen in love with me at first sight – I mean, who wouldn’t?” he joked. Referencing his own feelings, David added: “I remember the exact moment. It was our third date.

“I was just in this phase, where I was like, I’m just gonna be brutally honest about everything, because why lie?” David continued. “And I told him something about my life, about my beliefs…”

The actor reportedly hesitated before adding to the post, “It would take a truly amazing person to accept the things I said. And I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that’s someone I want to be with. be.’ »

David did not divulge further information about the beliefs he told Lily, or what they related to. However, he has previously spoken publicly about his political and religious views.

In 2017, he delivered a powerful anti trump speech at the SAG Awards, and in July 2021 he said he identified as a socialist. “I don’t know if there is anyone who might disagree with the socialist ideology,” he said. the Guardian.

“The idea of ​​a mother-like society where things are shared is my ideal society; as opposed to this world where we hunt and kill and destroy for our own personal hoarding, our own personal greed,” David added.

David also explored several religions, including Catholicism and Buddhism, but when asked Ground the one he followed and truly believed in, he replied, “All of them.”

He went on to say that he has no strong views on any particular religion and is open to the possibility of anything.

Elsewhere in the GQ interview, David focused on method acting – a style of acting where performers completely immerse themselves in their role by remaining in character for an extended period of time.

The technique has come under fire in recent years after some stars were accused of to go too far in their mission to become their character.

In the profile, David admitted he had considered taking the method when he landed the role of Macbeth, but changed his mind when he realized his mind was heading to a “dangerous place. “.

“When I was younger – it’s so embarrassing – but I remember playing this famous Scottish king and saying, ‘I’m going to kill a cat’ or something: ‘I’m going to kill something for know what it’s like to kill,'” he said.

“I didn’t, obviously,” David added. “Not only is it silly, it’s dangerous, and it doesn’t produce good work.”

The star added that while he respects the work of method actors such as Daniel Day-Lewis, he finds their process “absurd”.