Buddhism beliefs

conflicting beliefs lead to debate on campus – Roar du Lion

Symiah dorsey

A student stands in front of the Consuming Fire preacher holding a “Treat People With Kindness” cardboard sign outside the Student Union.

Consuming Fire scholarship preachers arrived on campus to share their beliefs with the student body on Tuesday, October 26.

The group, which has been a frequent visitor to the campus, encountered great protests and debates over whether what they preached was the best thing for the students.

The stock exchange has been operating since 1995; they have preached through outdoor evangelism for over 25 years. Its main base of operations is a church in Woodville, Miss., And the group is dedicated to disseminating its theology in several states.

“Our main purpose in preaching is to glorify the Lord. We are not looking at the response of the wicked and the basis of our success on it, we come here to glorify God by having our presence, ”said Brandy Stockstill, one of the Devouring Fire Women.

The fellowship stood outside the Students’ Union, holding signs warning a whole list of groups to follow doctrine and repent or risk being sent to Hell. Anyone who does not follow the beliefs of the Bible would be doomed to hell and must repent before it is too late.

The groups mentioned included fornicators, liars, hypocrites, adulterers, Mormons, Buddhists, drug addicts, racists, idolaters, thieves, murderers, blasphemers, Catholics, Hindus, feminists, suicidal, sodomites, drunkards, party animals, atheists, Muslims, socialists, transgender and humanists.

While Devouring Fire was on campus for nearly three hours, the response to their presence was swift. In the first hour, a group of students began to flock around the preachers to share their own beliefs about why the preachers were wrong and should be over accepting.

Several students had their own opinions to share about the preachers coming to campus.

“I think it’s crazy. To see things like this is appalling, ”freshman Ashton Williams said. “Saying their opinion is okay, but I think they take it too far. It’s crazy to think that people like that actually exist.

“I don’t want to pay to come to college if people like this are going to talk,” said another student who wished to remain anonymous.

UPD officers were present at the event, waiting in the event that any physical actions began to take place.

The fellowship left campus once the students began chanting “God Loves Everything” aloud, drowning the preachers so that no one could hear them. Cries of joy rang out as they left, and the crowds dispersed as the students returned to their campus life.