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Business Loans – Its Interest Guide

  It can be difficult and to some extent unmanageable to get an overview of the many different types of interest rates that exist. What they mean and what they really do good for. Sometimes the terms remind one another so much about each other. Then one can easily become confused and get confused with […]

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Deposits for prudent, bolder structures Financial Advice

In January, new structured deposits and other investment proposals appeared, for example structured certificates. BGŻ BNP Paribas proposes a three-year investment in “Kopalnia Zysku II”. The profit depends on the Stoxx Europe 600 Basic Resources Price EUR index. It covers shares of twenty European companies involved in the extraction and processing of industrial raw materials. […]

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Non-banking payday loan without BIK online

How to get a payday loan without verification in BIK databases? Lending companies without checking the credit bureau’s databases are many, but in most of them, customers get a negative decision. Why is this happening? Usually because in addition to the BIK database, other additional databases are checked. Checking the customer in any of these […]

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