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Buddha Jayanti 2021: Facts about the Buddha that will blow your mind

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Buddhism today occupies a central place in the debate on religion, humanism and philosophy. With this in mind, it is imperative that we understand why Buddhism is gaining prominence. The most basic reason that can be associated with this status is that as a religion, or as it may be called, Buddhism does not particularly talk about the concept of idol worship. One of the most important facts about Buddha and Buddhism is that it is not about people worshiping a particular God as such. This year, Buddha Jayanti will be celebrated on May 26.

Buddhism is basically about taking responsibility and respecting the universe. He believes in a creator but does not believe in idol worship as such. In this article, we look at 5 facts about Buddha that will blow your mind. These facts about the Buddha will definitely surprise you and give you deep insight into the secrets of the Buddha.

Now let’s see these secrets about the Buddha.

Here are some facts about the Buddha that will blow your mind. Continue reading…


Its mission to originate in the realm of human life

It is believed that the Buddha actually decided to take birth in the realm of human existence. In his past life, he was a Bodhisattva in the Land of Disputed Gods. His desire to enter the realm of human existence emanated from his concern for the suffering of human beings.


Queen Maya’s Deep Dream

Queen Maya, Buddha’s mother, saw a dream in which a white elephant came and touched her right side with its trunk. It also told him that a great soul was to be born from King Shuddhodhana and Queen Mayadevi.


A master’s degree in politics and science

As a prince, before choosing the spiritual path, the Buddha was a master of world affairs, science and religion. He read these subjects for a long time before understanding that spirituality is the true path to realizing human happiness.


The four encounters

We all know the four encounters that marked the path of the Buddha. He met an old man, a beggar, a corpse and an ascetic. These incidents were crucial for the Buddha to embrace the path of spirituality.


Six years of austerity

The Buddha followed a path of strict austerity, realizing that this was the only way to know the truth about the existence of mankind. He realized that the strict austerity he practiced would not lead him to enlightenment. He realized that the middle path is the path to unparalleled enlightenment.