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Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse: Superstitions, Myths, and Beliefs Associated With This Celestial Event

When a total lunar eclipse takes place, putting the moon entirely on the periphery of the Earth and the darkest part of its shadow, this phenomenon is called a blood moon because the wheat-white color of the moon changes to red or darker brown. Sometimes known as the Flower Moon or Super Blood Moon Flower, a very long total lunar eclipse will delight astronomers and space enthusiasts and will take place in 2022 from May 15-16. Even though the blood moon is a scientific phenomenon, over the years many superstitions and myths have been associated with the blood moon, also known as Chandra Grahan. When is the 2022 lunar eclipse? Know the date, visibility in India, time – All about Chandra Grahan’s first fall of the year on Buddha Purnima.

From what is considered Moon Madness to the mythological creatures responsible for the moon’s disappearance, many myths and folklores have been mentioned in different regions and texts around the world. Ahead of this popular astronomical event, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent myths and superstitions regarding the occurrence of the blood moon.

Blood Moon 2022 Myths and Beliefs

1. Blood Moon Prophecy

The idea of ​​the “blood moon” was popularized by Christian Miniter John Hagee in his book Four Blood Moons, in which he mentioned the presence of a dangerous blood moon event that would lead to the Earthquake and much other things. Although this theory was removed from office by the general secretary of Christian Witness to Israel, Mike More in 2014, much of the population still believes in it. ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse 2022: Find out the date, time and live stream online details related to the celestial event.

2. Lunar Madness or Crazy Behavior

According to reports, this day is also associated with anecdotal stories and occurrences of people working on the day of the lunar eclipse and having crazy behaviors. And people also believe that the moon enhances madness and worries, although no one has proof of this and bases it all on hearsay.

3. Represents bad fortune in Hindu tales

Indians still consider this day unlucky and associate it with bad luck. According to Hindu folklore, the demon Rahu is believed to have drunk the elixir of immortality, and the twin deities, the sun and the moon were responsible for beheading the head of Rahu, who appears as the blood moon and seeks to take revenge on them by chasing them. around the orbits.

4. Ancient mythology of demons and murderous creatures

According to ancient mythology, all sorts of demonic creatures and voracious and murderous jaguars take full effect on the day of the full moon and are responsible for the disappearance of the moon and the bloodshed on it.

5. Wiccan Harvest Moon

Contrary to all myths, the lunar eclipse or blood moon is considered a great day in the Wiccan faith to create or start something new. It is also known as Harvest Moon.

Many people around the world still believe these myths and take steps to protect themselves. Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse that appears red due to light reflected from the earth and the sun, scattering through atmospheric dust. The total lunar eclipse will last nearly three hours and twenty-five minutes. Blood Moon 2022 will take place on May 15-16.

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