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Best Religious Beliefs in Civ 6

Once a player has selected one of the best Pantheons in Civilization 6 and attracted a Great Prophet, they can then found a Religion. This will force fans to make several tough decisions, as they will have to select multiple religious beliefs, each granting their own special bonuses and perks. For players having difficulty choosing their religious beliefs in Civilization 6, this guide should help you out a bit.

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Note, as players gain more experience with Civilization 6 they are likely to deviate from the religious beliefs recommended below. Indeed, these fans will be able to assess beliefs relating to such things as pitch and desired victory conditions on a per game basis, allowing them to choose the perfect beliefs for each set of circumstances. Having said that, the Civilization 6 Religious beliefs selected for this guide all have high raw power levels, and new players should definitely consider them on their first game.

Updated November 19, 2021 by Mark Hospodar: Leading an entire civilization to glory (or ruin) is a terribly fascinating experience. In Civilization 6, fans have carte blanche to chart the future of their faction on the world stage. Countless possibilities are within easy reach of the player.

One of the most important decisions players will eventually need to make in a game is choosing the religion of their civilization. the The beliefs that make up a religion will have a marked influence on the type of benefits fans can expect to reap. Ultimately, players can’t go wrong with choosing any of these beliefs for their new religion.

How to found a new religion

Founding a religion in civilization 6

Before players even think about selecting beliefs, they need to found a new religion. Found a religion in Civilization 6 need Great Prophet and one Pantheon. Players must accumulate sufficient Grand Prophet points before the unit itself can be claimed. There are several methods to collect Grand Prophet points; the easiest way is to capture holy places, which generate +1 Great Prophet points per turn.

While players strive to unlock a Grand Prophet, they can also focus on establishing a Pantheon. A Hall of Fame is created automatically once players accumulate 25 points of faith. Once fans have both a Pantheon and a Grand Prophet, the latter can be used to found a new religion in any Site Saint district or the Stonehenge Wonder (if available).

Selection of the best beliefs

Large screen of people from Civilization 6

Once players finally have the option to found a new religion, they can select up to 4 beliefs that make up its characteristics. There are 4 “types” of beliefs: Founder’s beliefs, Beliefs of followers, Cult beliefs, and Beliefs of the enhancer. Only 1 belief of each type can be selected.

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This is an important decision since each belief comes with its own set of bonuses. Players are strongly encouraged to choose beliefs that complement their play styles or goals. The additional benefits these beliefs offer can help tip the scales in favor of the player against their enemies.

Best beliefs of followers in civilization 6

The Housing of Civilization 6
  • Choral music: Shrines and temples provide a culture equal to their intrinsic production of faith.
  • Jesuit education: Can buy buildings in the Campus and Theater Square area with Faith.
  • Feed the world: Shrines and temples provide +3 food and +2 shelter.

Along with choral music, attaching a Culture bonus to shrines and temples can really help players climb the civic tree. The ability to use Faith to construct all of the campus and theater square buildings with Jesuit education can lead to big savings in production. Aggressive players will find Feed the World very useful for growth and expansion.

Best Worship Beliefs in Civilization 6

Missionary of Civilization 6
  • Cathedral: +3 Faith and 1 space for Religious Art.
  • Mosque: +3 Faith and Missionaries / Apostles gain +1 Religion Spread Charge.
  • Wat: +3 Faith and +2 Science.
  • Gurdwara: +3 Faith, +2 Food and +1 Housing.

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Players attempting a cultural victory will benefit greatly from the cathedral’s ability to store religious art. The mosque will help players who aim for a religious victory in Civilization 6 spread their religions faster. The +2 Science granted by the Wat generally makes it very powerful. Gurdwara’s food and lodging bonuses are great for daring city builders.

Best Founders Beliefs in Civilization 6

Science Victory From Civilization 6
  • Intercultural dialogue: +1 Science for 4 followers of this religion.
  • Dime: +3 Gold for each City following this Religion.
  • World Church: +1 Culture for 4 followers of this religion.

Intercultural dialogue is ideal for players looking for a scientific victory in Civilization 6 or just need help moving up the tech tree. The additional gold granted by tithe is generally useful for any type of player. More gold is always better, right? Finally, the world church fulfills a function similar to that of intercultural dialogue but is more oriented towards cultural victory.

Best Enhancer Beliefs in Civilization 6

Byzantine and Gallic units of civilization 6
  • Crusade: Combat units gain +10 combat strength near foreign cities that follow this religion.
  • Defender of the Faith: Combat units gain +5 combat strength near friendly cities that follow this religion.
  • Religious colonization: Cities start with that religion in place if they are founded by a player with the majority religion.

The +10 combat strength that comes with Crusade can be very powerful but can be difficult to maintain under special circumstances. Defender of the Faith is more consistent than Crusade but comes with a smaller boost. Nonetheless, the extra boost to the fighting strength of these beliefs can be very helpful in a pinch. Religious colonization is ideal for securing the player’s religious anchoring in new territories.

Civilization 6 released in 2016 and is available for iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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