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Applications are now open for the Freund Teaching Fellowship 2022-23

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Visual artists can apply for this unique opportunity to teach at Washington University in St. Louis and mount a solo exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Installation view of the projection in Currents 119: Dana Levy (image courtesy of Saint Louis Museum of Art)

Promising visual artists are invited to apply for the Henry L. and Natalie E. Freund Teaching Fellowship. Presented by the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis and the Saint Louis Art Museum, emerging and mid-career artists working in any medium are eligible.

The Freund Teaching Fellowship has two components: teaching at the Sam Fox School College of Art and producing work for a solo exhibition at the St. Louis Museum of Art as part of his long-term program. date Currents series of exhibitions. Candidates must have an MFA and have at least 5 years of higher education with exposure experience. A first experience in teaching is appreciated, but not mandatory. Candidates should have specific ideas about what they would like to teach, if given the opportunity.

A fellowship will be awarded for fall 2022, followed by a solo exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum in fall 2023.

Former Freund Scholars in Teaching
Meleko Mokgosi (2021-2022) Jess T. Dugan (2020-2021) Dana Levy (2019-2020) Dave Hullfish Bailey (2018-2019) Jennifer Bornstein (2017-2018) Shimon Attie (2016-2017) Andrea Stanislav (2015–2016) Mariam Ghani (2014–2015) Won Ju Lim (2013–2014) Renata Stih + Frieder Schnock (2012–2013) Chelsea Knight (2011–2012) Ian Monroe (2010– 2011) Bruce Yonemoto (2009–2010) Claudia Schmacke (2008–2009) Sarah Oppenheimer (2007–2008) Angelina Gualdoni (2006–2007) Cameron Martin (2005–2006) Matthew Buckingham (2004–2005) Francis Cape (2003–2004) Ellen Gallagher (2002–2003) Catherine Opie (2000) Phil Robinson (1998) Michael Byron (1996)

The preferred application deadline is February 4, 2022.

For more information visit samfoxschool.wustl.edu.

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