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Two hours and 50 minutes to be exact. It’s not uncommon for the first cut of a movie, but Everywhere the editor, Paul Rogers, gave an overview of how he reduced the execution time:

“In general, I think there are a lot of moments where you think, ‘God, this moment is so good, but it doesn’t serve the movie.’ Maybe it slows it down, maybe it hints at another narrative between two characters but you don’t deliver it later, or you can’t because you don’t have the footage or it just complicates the film unnecessarily.

We had this scene with Jamie Lee Curtis and in this scene she was amazing. She was so mesmerizing and fascinating to watch, but I kept struggling with that scene and it took us about five or six months to finally say, ‘My God, what if Jamie Lee wasn’t in the scene. Can we just try?

It’s this really intense scene and all of a sudden it becomes this weird existential crisis/comic tragedy scene with his character and it’s kind of a ping-pong back and forth between these two places. So we took it into After Effects and did a hard job removing it because it’s in every shot and we realized it was doable, so let’s give it a try, and all of a sudden it unlocked the scene.”