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Labor law: employers cannot impose religious beliefs and practices on their workers | Economic news

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits religious discrimination and harassment, including requiring employees to accept their employer’s religious beliefs and practices as a condition of employment. “These former employees were asked to start each day with a discussion of Bible principles and how those principles applied to their work and personal lives. It […]


How does karma work in Buddhism?

The Buddhist concept of karma has entered the English lexicon over the past few decades, and its use has exploded. People use it in casual conversation, and it’s a popular and practical term for that saying, “what happens happens” which means people get what they deserve. Karma is the Sanskrit word for “action” or “doing” […]


Is Buddhism a religion

Buddhism is one of the five world religions found in every list of major religions. The other four are Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. These five are included in every list of the great religions of the world because of their number of adherents, their international spread, and their influence on historical events. The list […]

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Here’s why Hindus are outraged

In January, New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky introduced a bill in the New York Senate that would require New York State schools to teach the “swastika,” a symbol of good. auspicious and sacred for dharmic religions like Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, as an example of a symbol of hatred. The bill titled ‘Senate Bill […]


The fusion of religious beliefs in Thailand: Buddhism, animism and Brahmanism

Thais are known to be devout Theravada, or Orthodox Buddhists. In fact, the country’s government is a theocracy in which many holidays and ceremonies are officially recognized in its calendar of events. Schools are closing and government institutions closed in order to give its residents a day off to celebrate and participate in national Buddhist […]

Buddhism teaching

Harvard doesn’t care about teaching — or teachers

YesYou’ve no doubt heard that Harvard recently lost Cornel West after, as he described it, disrespecting him again. That same week, with slightly less publicity, the Faculty of Arts and Science reaffirmed its flawed system of routinely dismissing faculty, scholars who do Harvard’s most crucial educational work but who have no way to continued employment, […]


Why Luna Lovegood would make a great student of Buddhism

Although Luna is not one of the main characters of the Harry potter series, it is one of my favorites. What I love about Luna is her kindness, her loyalty to her friends and her happy personality. In fact, Luna has many of the same beliefs and personality traits as someone who believes in and […]