What Buddhism and Science Can Teach Each Other – and Us – About the Universe

These are difficult times. A global recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and widespread civil unrest have created a combustible mix of anxiety – stressors that increase the risk of long-term health problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released guidelines for dealing with this anxiety. Among them is meditation. Buddhists have known […]


Young Japanese priests try to revive endangered Buddhism

TOKYO (AP) – Buddhism suffers from a bleak image in Japan. It is so closely related to death – funerals, graves and memorial rituals in which priests chant sutras based on Chinese rendering of Sanskrit texts that no one else understands – that people call it “funeral Buddhism.” The powerful forces of secularization and population […]

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University Announces 2020 Winners of Quantrell and Graduate Teaching Awards

“Someone once told me that being a faculty member means committing to doing things that you’re not quite qualified to do yet,” Chong says. “Doing research means tackling areas that you will need to learn more about and build your confidence in.” Chong makes daunting concepts accessible by providing students with multiple points of engagement: […]