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When Beliefs Cross Borders – Asian Scientist Magazine

AsianScientist (August 30, 2018) – By Sim Shuzhen – Religions are nearly impossible to contain, as people move from place to place, and so do their beliefs, cultures, and worldviews. Evangelical movements are further accelerating the spread and influence of religions, and in today’s globalized, hyper-connected, social media-fueled world, religions have gained mobility. How has […]


Buddhism and its origins

It’s hard to find a self-help book today that doesn’t praise the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. Many people engage in meditation and other practices associated with Buddhism. But not everyone realizes the intricacies of religion, according to Stanford expert Paul Harrison. (Image credit: FatCamera / Getty Images) Many of these practices are rooted […]


Buddhism flourishes in Siberia, opening window to its pre-Soviet past

For decades, the only Buddhist structure in Ivolginsky – in fact, anywhere in Russia – was a small wooden temple that Joseph Stalin allowed to be built in 1946. But since the fall of communism, Buddhism has experienced a renaissance in Russia, especially in Russia. the ethnically Mongolian republic of Buryatia in Siberia, where Ivolginsky […]


Four lessons from the Sutta Nipata on racism and classism

Thai forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu is a prolific translator of the Pali canon, the first complete set of the teachings of the Buddha. Than Geoff, as his students and friends call him, recently printed his translation of the Sutta Nipata (“The Discourse Group”). Composed of 72 suttas in total, the Sutta Nipata contains some of […]


Buddhism, the good and the bad

My previous article describes a week-long silent Buddhist retreat I took last month that touched me more than I expected. In this article, I will offer some additional thoughts on experience and on Buddhism. Happiness versus truth Western Buddhists insist that Buddhism is not a religion, it is a science, an empirical method for analyzing […]