Why peaceful religion has become so violent in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand

Clashes between Buddhist and Muslim extremists have occurred in two different towns in Sri Lanka, Kandy and Amparaearly 2018. Triggered in part by hateful messages disseminated by Nationalist Sinhalese Buddhist Facebook groupsthese riots resulted in the death of a Muslim and the destruction of many buildings. To many non-Buddhists outside of Asia, this type of […]


Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?

If you were to follow the flow of psychology and neuroscience books published over the past two decades, you would think Buddhism is a complex philosophical system devised by a man with an insight for the emergence of psychoanalysis and philosophy somehow. 2,400 years later. road. Indeed, Buddhism lends itself to emerging sciences in a […]

Buddhism beliefs

Ancient Indonesian beliefs win in court, but worshipers still feel ostracized

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Growing up on the Indonesian island of Java in the 1970s, Dewi Kanti practiced an ancient form of indigenous traditional beliefs whose origins predate the arrival of Christianity, Buddhism and Islam here from several centuries. Ironically, notes Ms. Dewi bitterly, these traditional beliefs make her a religious pariah in her own country […]


How American Buddhism is like an elephant

To understand Buddhism in the United States, it helps to start with some ancient Buddhist history. A group of blind people describe an elephant. One, who smells of the elephant’s tail, describes it as a rope. Another touches the head and says the elephant is like a rock. The other blind people, after feeling its […]


Prime Minister of Bhutan proposes the establishment of the International Center of Vajrayana Buddhism – Buddhistdoor Global

Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgay speaks at the International Vajrayana Conference in Thimphu. Photo by Craig Lewis THIMPHU—Speaking at the International Vajrayana Conference held in the Bhutanese capital Thimphu last week,* Prime Minister of Bhutan, Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgay, presented a new vision aimed at ensuring the preservation and the development of the […]


Buddhism finds eternal life beyond itself

Eternal life of the soul is a fundamental belief of many religions, not only Christianity and Islam, but also Hinduism. Yet Buddhism teaches the opposite: the impermanence of everything, including oneself. Followers of these other religions might find the Buddhist point of view absolutely baffling. If we are here today and gone tomorrow, what good […]