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15 facts about Chris Evans that will make you fall in love with him AGAIN

It won’t be wrong to call Chris the least problematic of all Hollywood Chriss. There’s still a lot you might not know about America’s favorite ass. Here is a list of very little known facts about Chris Evans:

1. Chris turned down the offer to play Captain America not once but twice. Because he struggled with anxiety issues, Chris felt he was not fit enough to walk in Cap’s boots. Several panic attacks later, it took a reassuring call from Robert Downey Jr. who changed his mind.

Facts About Chris Evans

2. Chris loves Disney a lot. Growing up, Disney’s animated films played an important role in his life. It was like a dream come true for him when Light year past.

Facts About Chris Evans

3. Chris has been in more comic book movies than any other actor in Hollywood. Leaving MCU aside, he starred in the The Fantastic Four movies like Johnny Storm, and had roles in other comic book movies like Losers, Scott Pilgrimand snowdrops.

Facts About Chris Evans

4. Chris was rejected when he auditioned for Steven Spielberg West Side Story. They told him he was too old to play a teenage gang member and not old enough to be Officer Krupke.

Facts About Chris Evans

5. Since growing up memorizing and singing Disney songs, Chris has been dying to do a Disney musical.

Facts About Chris Evans

6. Some of his early work includes his appearance as “Tyler” in the 1990s board game “Mystery Date.” Her pretty face was featured on the cover of the game’s box.

7. From an early age, Chris had a crush on Sandra Bullock. He claims he grew up watching his movies. There were even rumors floating around that Chris tried to pursue her romantically.

8. In an interview with Seth Meyers, Chris shared that right after he lost his virginity, he told his mom about it. He said the first thing he wanted to do after sex was brag about it to his mother.

9. Chris says he’s not afraid to get into politics. His uncle Mike Capuano happens to be a congressman. Capuano represented Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives.

10. Chris has a brother who is also an actor! We are talking about Scott Evans who also has a successful career. You might recognize him from the soap opera A life to live and Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie.

11. Chris is an excellent tap dancer. Although he chooses to remain modest about it, several interviewers have brought up Evans’ tap-dancing skills whenever they’re in conversation with him.

12. The cable-knit sweater Evans wore in the mystery comedy Knives out has become an internet favorite. Chris gave his dog Dodger the exact same room so they could both pair up.

13. Chris’ father, Robert Evans, is a very famous dentist in Massachusetts.

14. Chris became very interested in Eastern philosophy as a teenager and eventually became a practicing Buddhist. He believes that his beliefs match those of the Buddhist religion. You can sometimes see him attending Buddhism classes in Los Angeles.

15. Before receiving the title “America’s Ass”, Anthony Mackie liked to call it “Captain Little Ass”. It was during filming for The Winter Soldier when Mackie poked fun at Evans’ ability to gain muscle while still having a small waist and small chest.

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