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10 Unique Facts About Mount Everest You Probably Didn’t Know

Mount Everest attracts the attention of people around the world as the highest peak on the planet, and these facts make it even more fascinating.

The world is full of many natural wonders. Mountains are one of those wonders and Mount Everest is well known around the world for the size and difficulty of its ascent. Although some people may want to hike, ride and have fun, they don’t know enough to be successful in this endeavor.

So much has been discovered and documented on Mount Everest. For an enthusiastic traveler, knowing these recent facts about Mount Everest is crucial and entertaining. This creates room for more discoveries and a different vision of the mountain.

ten It is also called Sagarmatha or Chomolungma

Mount Everest is found in the Himalayan mountains and it is the highest peak of them all. The mountain has been studied and explored by many people over the years. With the mountain located on the border of Tibet (China) and Nepal, it influences both regions. Therefore, the Tibetan people called it Chomolungma, meaning “mother of the earth”. On the other side, the Nepalese gave him the name of Sagarmatha meaning “God of the sky”.

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9 Age of Mount Everest

What many people don’t quite know is the age of the mountain. According to scholars and history books, it is a mountain that was formed when the continental plate of India crashed with Asia. Meanwhile, the thrust on the India plate under Asia led to an up-thrust of the lands from which the Himalayan mountains arise. Accordingly, Mount Everest is 60 million years old.

8 Official size

There has been so much research going on around the official height of the mountain. Initially, the measurements of 1955 arrived at 8848 meters above sea level. However, this remained unofficial for a long time. Later, in 1999, another study was made and it arrived at 8849 meters above sea level. Then came the most recent in 2005, which focused on measuring the mountain without accounting for snow and ice, and found 8844 meters. However, the official height is now recorded at 8848 meters above sea level.

7 George Everest never saw the summit

Mount Everest is named after a surveyor general called George Everest. Reports show that the man wanted to climb to the top but never got the chance. However, George Everest died before he could climb to the top of the mountain.

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6 One person has died each year in the past year

Even though Mount Everest is majestic and known to so many people around the world, there is something people don’t know about the mountain. People don’t know that one person has died on the mountain every year for the past decade. It is a very high mountain and people try to climb as much as possible. It’s not easy and it’s dangerous. This explains the deaths each year.

5 Mount Everest is the tallest but not the tallest

A fact that might surprise many people is that Mount Everest is the highest mountain above sea level at 8848 meters. However, this only concerns the level of the joint. For the height from the base to its top, it is not the tallest. Rather, the tallest mountain from base to summit is Hawaii’s Mauna Kea. It has a height of 10,210 meters. However, when measured above sea level, it is only 4,205 meters. Another interesting fact is that the furthest point from the center of the Earth is not the summit of Everest but the summit of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador.

4 Everest’s height may have decreased

The last time the height of Mount Everest was measured was in 2005. This means that several years have passed and a lot has happened. Notably, the massive earthquake of 2015. Experts claim that the earthquake could have affected the height of the mountain. They believe the mountain might have lost its height by a small figure. However, this can only be proven by measuring the mountain again.

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3 Kami Rita Sherpa climbed 22 times

Climbing Everest is not easy. The challenges are many, the weather being unfavorable. Lots of people can’t even climb halfway to the top. However, there are those who believe that it is necessary not only to climb to the top of the peak, but also to do it several times. Very few people have achieved it, but mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa has climbed to the top of Mount Everest 24 times. The climber holds this world record. For Lhakpa Sherpa, she holds the record for the most ascents by a woman. That’s an impressive number for sure.

2 It rises 40 cm per century

This is yet another interesting fact about Mount Everest. According to experts, the Himalayan mountains were formed by uplift of the plates during the crushing of the Indian and Asian plates. As a result, they believe that the mountain achieves a growth of about 40 cm per century. This is attributed to changes in the plates and the physical conditions of the whole earth. Although a century is a long time to see, it is an expert report.

1 Climbed over 9,000 times!

For many people, they dream of climbing to the top of Mount Everest. Although few people managed to do it, a total of 5,000 people climbed the mountain to the top. Then it’s been climbed 9,000 times, which means there’s a whole host of people who’ve done it more than once!

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