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10 quirky facts about Mickey Mouse that you probably didn’t know

Watching cartoons is one of the most treasured and cherished childhood memories and iconic characters like Mickey Mouse made it more special. Mickey Mouse is a name and a face that almost everyone knows. The love for him and his popularity transcends generations and it hasn’t diminished a bit. Young people see it; parents love it; the whole world loves him. In case he turns 90, here are some things about Mickey Mouse you probably didn’t have a clue about:

Mickey was first to be called Mortimer
Walt Disney intended to call him Mortimer, but his wife told him that Mickey would be more appropriate. Mortimer later became Mickey’s adversary in the animated series.

Mickey released an album
Mickey released a music album in 1978 which went on to achieve double platinum status. Not bad for a singing mouse.

Walt Disney did Mickey’s voice
Until 1946, Walt Disney himself provided the voice of Mickey. It has never been confirmed why he quit, but some say it was because of his chain smoking, while others say it was because he had a lot to do due to other studio engagements.

Mickey Mouse is better known than Santa Claus
Children recognize Mickey Mouse much more easily around the world than Santa Claus.

Walt Disney was inspired to create Mickey by his pet mouse
When he was younger, Walt Disney had a trained mouse and the idea for Mickey Mouse came to him while riding the train from Manhattan to Hollywood.

Mickey won an Oscar
Yes, Mickey won an Oscar for his supporting role in the movie Lend A Paw, which was mostly about Pluto. He has been nominated ten times.

Theodore is Mickey’s middle name.
Mickey has consistently introduced himself as Mickey Mouse, but his full name is Mickey Theodore Mouse.

Mickey was the first animated character to speak
Mickey speaks his first words, “Hot Dogs”, in the episode The Karnival Kid. This episode is significant in animation history because it was the first time a cartoon character spoke.

In real life, the artists who voiced Mickey and Minnie were married
Wayne Allwine, the artist who dubbed for Mickey, was married to Russi Taylor, who dubbed for Minnie.

Mickey has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
On his 50th birthday in 1978, Mickey became the first cartoon character to be inducted onto the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.