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10 encouraging facts about marriage you need to hear and share

How often do you hear someone throw negative comments about the state of marriage today? For instance:

  • “Half of marriages end in divorce.”
  • “The pandemic has been brutal on weddings.”
  • “Divorce has been increasing for years.”
  • “The faithful don’t do better at marriage.”

Most common misconceptions about marriage today are depressing – and yet most of them are also wrong!

Unfortunately, believing in these urban legends has harmful consequences. Young couples become more skeptical and more likely to avoid marriage. Struggling couples subconsciously think that failure is ultimately inevitable, so they lose motivation and stop trying.

Even your regular devotee is affected; they might wonder if doing what the Bible says about marriage doesn’t make a difference, what does it say about the Bible?

Instead of believing and spreading lies, let’s be aware and spread the truth: that there is more good news about marriage than most people realize. Yes, there is also a lot to work on. But we can have hope for marriage! We need to share this truth and the following positive facts.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while and already benefit from knowing these truths about marriage, I encourage you to share this article with someone who needs to hear this encouraging news!